ahoi ashtami

Ahoi Ashtami is a Hindu festival practiced eight days before Diwali in India.In this festival, mothers keep a fast for her sons' well-being. She ends her fast and takes food in the late evening after she spots stars in the sky and offers argha i.e. holy water to the stars. There is a fable behind this ritual.Once there was a mother who had seven sons. She went to the jungle to gather woods. She accidentally killed a lioness' cub. The lioness became angry and pained. She cursed that her own sons will cease to exist. So, within a year, all the mother's sons were dead. The mother was sad. Then, someone in the village told her to worship goddess Ahoi. She worshiped goddess Ahoi and kept a fast to receive blessings from the divine mother. The goddess Ahoi was happy with the mother's devotion and then blessed the mother with healthy sons. It is said that seven sons were born again to the mother. since then, this worshiping of goddess Ahoi and fasting is followed by the mothers of north India. Wikipedia