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Bali Padda is a British businessman and currently the CEO of The Lego Group. Prior to this role, he was Lego's chief operations officer. He inherited the role of CEO from Jørgen Vig Knudstorp, who stepped down to lead the LEGO Brand Group in January 2017. He is the first non-Danish top-level executive to run the 84-year-old company. Padda joined the LEGO Group in 2002 as Head of Market Oriented Packing based in Enfield, USA. Bali Padda came from a Customer Service & Supplier Relations background with GlaxoWellcome and Timberland before joining the LEGO Group. In August 2017, Lego announced that Padda would be replaced as CEO by Niels B. Christiansen, effective from October 2017. Wikipedia
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Lego to axe 1,400 jobs
Lego has announced plans to cut 1,400 jobs before the end of the year after the first drop in sales in more than a decade.
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