didi gregorius

Mariekson Julius "Didi" Gregorius, OON (born February 18, 1990), is a Dutch professional baseball shortstop for the New York Yankees of Major League Baseball (MLB). He previously played in MLB for the Cincinnati Reds in 2012 and the Arizona Diamondbacks in 2013 and 2014. Wikipedia
Chron.com from the Houston Chronicle Wed, 10/18/2017 - 02:20

Astros' bullpen meltdown vs. Yankees leaves ALCS tied at 2

The Houston Astros let a 4-0 lead slip away and now the series is tied 2-2.
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SportsCenter Sun, 10/15/2017 - 03:07

How did it all go so wrong for the Yankees on that final play?

It was going so perfectly ... until it wasn't.
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