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Hans Meiser (16 February 1881, Nuremberg - 8 June 1956, Munich) was a German Protestant theologian, pastor and from 1933 to 1955 the first 'Landesbischof' of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Bavaria. Today Meiser's political stance between 1933 and 1945 is intensely studied and debated within the parameters of Germany's Culture of Remembrance. In his unsuccessful attempt to maintain his 'landeskirche' and its independence he decided to make several compromises with the Nazi state. His attitude towards Judaism is also controversial in light of studies of the Shoah. Theologically, Meiser was in the tradition of Wilhelm Loehe, supporting a single church with a single clear Lutheran confessional identity. Unlike other Bavarian theology professors such as Werner Elert, Paul Althaus and Hermann Sasse, Meiser explicitly recognized the Barmen Theological Declaration and engaged with the links it brought to Unitarians and the Reformed Church. His confessional orientation aligned him with Theophil Wurm and divided him from Martin Niemöller. Wikipedia
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Via Twitter: Von Storch gratuliert Frauke Petry zum Nachwuchs – und verrät den Namen des Kindes

AfD-Chefin Frauke Petry ist zum fünften Mal Mutter geworden. Beatrix von Storch gratuliert – und verrät dabei zwei Dinge.
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Böhmermanns kleiner Mann und das Verschwörungsportal

Im NEO MAGAZIN ROYALE schimpft Hans Meiser auf die Eliten. Das ist Satire. Aber Meisers andere Veröffentlichungen findet das ZDF nicht lustig.
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Wegen irren Verschwörungstheorien fliegt TV-Urgestein Hans Meiser beim ZDF raus

Jan Böhmermanns Produktionsfirma zieht einen Schlussstrich.
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