the holiday

The Holiday is a 2006 American romantic comedy film written, produced and directed by Nancy Meyers. Co-produced by Bruce A. Block, it was filmed in both California and England, and stars Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet as Amanda and Iris, two lovelorn women from opposite sides of the Atlantic Ocean, who temporarily exchange homes to escape heartbreak during the holiday season. Jude Law and Jack Black were cast as the film's leading men Graham and Miles, with Eli Wallach, Shannyn Sossamon, Edward Burns and Rufus Sewell playing key supporting roles. Distributed by Columbia Pictures and Universal Pictures, The Holiday was first released on December 6, 2006, in Spain and on December 8, 2006, in North America and the United Kingdom. It grossed over $205 million worldwide. Critics praised the film's visual aesthetic design and the cast's performances, though criticized its plot as predictable. Wikipedia
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PM Lee hints that taxes will go up in Budget 2018 through feel-good CNY message
The head of government appears to reiterate his earlier explanation that the government and the people must bear the cost of increased spending for the sake of the next generation, in his official CNY message.
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The New York Times Thu, 02/15/2018 - 07:46

‘You Can’t Ban Love’: Pakistanis Defy a Valentine’s Day Prohibition
“You can ban a day, but you can’t stop people from being together or from falling in love.”
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