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Jessica Barth is an American stage and film actress, known for portraying Tami-Lynn McCaferty in the film Ted and its sequel. Wikipedia from the Houston Chronicle Wed, 12/06/2017 - 16:53

'Silence Breakers' named Time magazine's Person of the Year
What do you think of TIME's Person of the Year?
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Weinstein aftermath: All the men accused of sexual misconduct
Our list has been updated to reflect the latest allegations.
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Blind and disabled actress files class-action lawsuit against Harvey Weinstein
He 'locked her in a dark stairwell after she refused to show him her breasts during an audition.'
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Missbrauchsvorwürfe in Hollywood: Diese 19 Männer werden beschuldigt
Nach dem Skandal um Produzent Harvey Weinstein vergeht kaum ein Tag, an dem nicht ein neuer großer Hollywood-Name am Pranger steht.
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List: All of the Hollywood power players accused of sexual assault or harassment
We compiled all of the Hollywood men who have been accused of sexual misconduct since the Weinstein scandal broke.
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Ted star Jessica Barth says agent David Guillod drugged and sexually assaulted her
Five years after he threatened to sue her over the allegation.
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