A battle for public opinion: Trump goes to war over Mueller and Russia

A battle for public opinion: Trump goes to war over Mueller and Russia

A battle for public opinion: Trump goes to war over Mueller and Russia
‘The distraction machine.’


Edward Fassler
Edward Fassler 1 month ago

Two convictions and two indictments do not make for a witch hunt. Coming up empty handed like the Benghazi investigation is a witch hunt. Mueller has a way to go before he is finished as all of Trumps administration are involved and the implications are far reaching and involve Republican Congressional leadership.

Jimmie Lindberg
Jimmie Lindberg 1 month ago

If there is nothing to hide, why is Trump shitting his pants? He's a liar, bigott and a moron, America will never be great again after Trump!

Andrew Worrall
Andrew Worrall 1 month ago

If trump had any sense he'd be able to see the check mate move coming up. Muller is just lining everything up. And the only thing trump can do is continue being an idiot to the end because anything else would probably implicate him further. This isn't like his business dealings and he is not god on earth, there's jail time and a special place in hell for megalomaniac psychopaths like him. His spray tan alone is a punishable offense if you ask me.

Murray Smith
Murray Smith 1 month ago

The influence of the tabloid gutter press in Britain is waning fast. However Fox News, Talk Radio, Breitbart and the other propaganda spewing cites like Daily Caller and Town Hall, The Blaze etc. have a solid base of brainwashed devotees that will swallow anything they put out. Reminds me of something one of the Pythons said along the lines of that British people can't be told what to think, Americans can. They were talking about the difference in the reaction between UK and US church congregations who were told to boycott Life of Brian.

Geoff Whiteley
Geoff Whiteley 1 month ago

The only reliable antidote to any possibility of the Trump camp creating sufficient conspiracy based doubt is for voters in the next round of local, state and federal elections to annihilate the lying bastards in a landslide result against the so called swamp drainers.

Brian Macu
Brian Macu 1 month ago

Corporate liberal.......as right wing as Trump, except with more socially liberal views

The Russia angle is absurd for anyone with the capacity to think for themselves.

Decades of right wing media propaganda in the US have led to a huge constituency of right wing voters who consider themselves "patriots" and anyone else "left wing"

Now that neo/corporate liberalism has to paint itself as socially progressive they view Trump as a liability

Trump is their own creation

Steve Hurst
Steve Hurst 1 month ago

To make sure his base base is with him? Who frickin' cares, they apparently are rudderless and don't care either. This guy and his cabal need to go down in flames. The attempts of the last few days and even by repub members of congress to discredit the investigation are naked to the world...and they don't care. Funny how more and more indictments and evidence being made public is supposed to mean more validation of it and a determined rush to get to the truth. But the truth is their enemy and the news of the indictments and continuing cooperation of some of the principals has people trying to block it instead. It can only mean one thing, it's big, it's really big. Collusion and obstruction are the small potatoes now.

Roger Standen
Roger Standen 1 month ago

The leftist enemedia doesn't even care about their own reputation or credibility anymore, so unhinged are they in their hate. They will destroy themselves in their mad obsession to destroy Trump

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