The campaign to delegitimize the Russia probe is well under way

The campaign to delegitimize the Russia probe is well under way

The campaign to delegitimize the Russia probe is well under way
Trump supporters are paving the way for the president to fire Mueller.

(via Los Angeles Times Opinion)


Leslie Case
Leslie Case 1 month ago

Oh really? That’s grounds for impeachment. Obstructing justice. He’s already done this with Comey. All hell will break lose and I tell you, if he did nothing wrong then what’s the problem? He’s obviously so far up Russia’s ass, can only get out by doing what they want which is tearing our country apart. He is absolutely Putin’s puppet. I am dumbfounded that some Americans don’t see what to me is so clear.

Rayanna Ferguson
Rayanna Ferguson 1 month ago

He is acting like someone who is sick to death of the fake news. I don't blame him. It has been almost 2 years and nothing. There is nothing. Oh yes, Clinton colluded with Russia on the fake Dossier that all this Russia crap came from.. That is the story. Nothing,

Jerry Armstrong
Jerry Armstrong 1 month ago

The slow drip, drip, drip of propaganda, courtesy of FOX News. Carl Bernstein used an interesting and appropriate term this morning ,,, cold civil war. It's where we are in this country.

Brent Todd
Brent Todd 1 month ago

We have to pull together to keep Trump's Republican Party & its loudest & most vile media voice (Hannity) from interfering with the Mueller investigation of Russia's interference that tipped the election to Trump.

Rayanna Ferguson
Rayanna Ferguson 1 month ago

hahahahaha, OMG, No, Trump supporters know there is NO RUSSIA story so, other then Mueller is costing the tax payers Millions of the No Russia story with Trump Campaign, we really don't care because it is a nothing burger. Now, Democrats he much to worry about. Cards are about ready to fall....

Brice Partain
Brice Partain 1 month ago

It’s an Op-Ed but it really is on the wrong side of the argument. The president didn’t pick the team who is investigating him. Mueller did. The president didn’t send text messages, mishandle interviews, create a sham investigation, let a person off of clear violations of the espionage act, change verbiage to make the outcome not be a violation of the espionage act, pay for a phony document that “proves” collusion.... he had nothing to do with any of that.... the democrats OWN this colossal failure and they really should just admit to it and move on!

James Anthony
James Anthony 1 month ago

Dear LATIMES,Com; I'm commenting w/o reading the article you posted about "...campaign to delegitimize the Russia probe....", Here's why: I did something I rarely do other than just to know what is being put forth by the networks, I listened to the live briefing before a Congressional committee. The testimony was given by James Comey, Susan Yates. A personal word was given as to the veracityof testimony by one Maxine Waters. There was later testimony by one of the heads of an intelligence agency, whose name I don't remember. However; the pertinent issue is this. After his testomony, Maxine Waters verified that Comey had just testified in open what she had heard in close door meetings. The intel agency head, James Comey, and, Susan Yates all testified that the evidence they had seen held no evidence of Russian/Trump campaign collusion. Does that mean that there was evidence, and the FBI, the DOJ, and an intelligence agency were not able to uncover what Mueller has? Or, there was never any evidence of collusion,and Mueller's probe had one mission: DIG UP ANYTHING TO DESTROY THE TRUMP ADMINISTRATION. The by-product of the last possibility is that it taints the DOJ, FBI, and certain people in the intel' community as inept. OPPS!

D.O. Wilmoth
D.O. Wilmoth 1 month ago

POTUS,Counselor Conway, Breitbart Bannon and Base may besmirch Spec Prosectr's integrtiy but cannot detract enough to get away fr institutions' dictating process'. This Cadre never grasped the institutions they are obliged to work with. This is political wrestling with an untractable "SwampThing."

Christine Chumley
Christine Chumley 1 month ago

Why are Republicans worried about Mueller, if they didn’t break the law, then they have nothing to worry about. These frantic attempts to derail the investigation smack of guilt.

Steve Tragen Jude
Steve Tragen Jude 1 month ago

“The campaign to delegitimize a completely illegitimate witch hunt is well under way.”


If there were really anything to this investigation, then there would be more than 2 indictments by now and they would actually have something to do with illegal activities during the election. Flynn’s indictment is for lying about talking to some Russian guy, not because he did anything illegal with any Russian’s. It’s time to accept facts, leftists.

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