Cornered and Facing ‘Existential’ Crisis, Will Trump Fire Mueller?

Cornered and Facing ‘Existential’ Crisis, Will Trump Fire Mueller?

Cornered and Facing ‘Existential’ Crisis, Will Trump Fire Mueller?
His deputy attorney general is under the gun as Trump allies lose patience with the Russiagate investigation.


Janie Jones
Janie Jones 1 month ago

We can see Trump this last week snuggling up and spooning with Lindsey Graham at his golf course. Graham had warned Trump in the last few months not to fire Mueller, but apparently now has become Trump's portable ball washer.

Bret Fisher
Bret Fisher 1 month ago

Trump has no way out. The infant bully can fire Mueller, sure-- but it would only hasten his meltdown. Someone's been looking out for us, it seems, because Robert Mueller is just about the only figure in the entire sordid disaster who knows up from down.

Betsy Brune
Betsy Brune 1 month ago

Watergate took three plus years to investigate and prosecute. This is much worse and involves foreign countries. If there was nothing to find, Trump and Republicans would not be so upset.

Andrew Erskine Wheeler
Andrew Erskine Wheeler 1 month ago

Mueller has boobytrapped the whole thing to go on autopilot at this point. There is no way he would subpoena Deutsche Bank without having a full contingency plan in place. If Trump fires him, the investigation safeguards will trigger.
Trump is doomed.

Kenny Adkins
Kenny Adkins 1 month ago

Fox news is Trumps propaganda agency,People have to be Blind,Stupid,Brainwashed or all the above to follow Fox ( propaganda agency not news) for twenty years,Fox agency,Republican lawmakers Rush Limbaugh are all obstructing justice by trying to discredit Robert Mueller and the Russian collusion-Treason-Money Laundering investigation,The FBI,The Media,Wake up people,Trump is telling You everyone is lying and everyone is fake exept for Him ! Really ! This man will go down in history for not only someone who lied more than any politician in History,But one who lied more than any Human being in world history !

Hugh Humphrey
Hugh Humphrey 1 month ago

Called mailboxes full... Extend chip...fix the tax plan.. Extend expand Medicare, medicaide, and social security not cut it... At the very least repay the money they Borrowed or stole.. Refuse Roy Moore seating in the senate should he get elected. Single payer saves money.. Impeach trump investigate his harassment...

Kirk Ross
Kirk Ross 1 month ago

He can't. He can fire Sessions and appoint someone who will fire Mueller though. We'll see. I think the minute Mueller indicts Don Jr. or Jared Kushner, we'll see a big change from Trump.

Rowdy Burnz
Rowdy Burnz 1 month ago

It's about time they end this farce, let's assume everything the left has been saying is 100% true. None of it is an actual crime or impeachable offense. Don't be dumb.

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