YouTuber Shane Dawson admits to Googling naked babies

YouTuber Shane Dawson admits to Googling naked babies

YouTuber Shane Dawson admits to Googling naked babies
He said paedophilia was comparable to having a foot fetish


Jessica Emily Tyers
Jessica Emily Tyers 1 week ago

If you hear the whole thing, it was clearly joking. Joking which he himself has admitted is wrong and he shouldn't have said and these days regrets. But at no point does he genuinely agree or justify it.

Chris Allen
Chris Allen 1 week ago

He's basically saying any offensive things he has ever said were jokes. Not much of an apology or an explanation. He pleads the old excuse of context. There is no context in which it's OK to say a six year old in a cheerleader outfit is sexy. He's an idiot.

Mike Shermer
Mike Shermer 1 week ago

Metro subverting the truth as always. Awful 'journalism' everyone who wants the story watch his response video on YouTube. The quotes were very obviously taken out of context as they were part of a larger joke dialogue. In which he repeatedly says "I'm joking" and "I would never do that". He's an abuse victim that has been speaking out against the sexual abuse issues in Hollywood for the last few years. But sure. Him making a risky joke makes him a paedophile.

Baz Gregory
Baz Gregory 1 week ago

Children I suppose do have perfect natural bodies, like baby animals do but they shouldn't be seen as sexy, nice on the eyes like some cars are, but defiantly not sexual.

Daniel Stone
Daniel Stone 1 week ago

That was a podcast 6 years ago, I've watched it and heard the "Proof," some punchlines, parts that give context, and other things were edited out and removed purposely to smear and slander Shane.

Sarah Kinman Diehl
Sarah Kinman Diehl 1 week ago

It didn’t work for pewdiepie it’s not going to work on Shane Dawson. Journalism is dead this is fake gossip. Get a real job.

Clairy Potter
Clairy Potter 1 week ago

I am horrified. Who on earth would want to put Shane in such a false light? Do even a minute's worth of research and you'll find just how wrong this article is.

This is heartbreaking - I can't bear watching such a fine creator get torn down like this. #istandwithshane

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