James Franco Sexual Misconduct Allegations Could Tank His Oscar Chances

James Franco Sexual Misconduct Allegations Could Tank His Oscar Chances

James Franco Sexual Misconduct Allegations Could Tank His Oscar Chances
Good news for Timothée Chalamet.


Richard Velasquez
Richard Velasquez 1 week ago

Do you all go around on accused watch, giddily waiting for the next man that said something dirty, flirted too strongly, was understandably under the impression that it was totally mutual? And by the way, I thought Oscars, Grammys, Emmys, etcetera were about the substance of a performance or project, not a way to cast out the latest man from Hollywood. Oy vey!

Jason Shores
Jason Shores 1 week ago

I have watched this get totally out of hand. Abuse of any kind is a horrible thing and justice needs to be served, but in a court of law, not the way it is going now. Just one accusation and a person's life is destroyed because people on the I internet blow everything up. If he is guilty, which I highly doubt, let the courts decide. That is the point of having the judicial system.

Michael Sutila
Michael Sutila 1 week ago

Just another male taking advantage of others, especially women, because of his power. Thumbs down! Sorry to hear this but with all the other dipshit men and abuse stories I am not surprised!

Billy Tyner
Billy Tyner 1 week ago

I don't think he really had a chance at Oscar this year, so it's irrelevant. Of course he might have got a nomination and it might affect that. Several women commented on him being there- so if they know about him, I'm sure everyone else had an inkling as well. I do think Oldman will win the Oscar but Timothee was always the 2nd best choice to win it.

Ronnie Ulloa
Ronnie Ulloa 1 week ago

Leave him alone. Woman are taking this too far and just want to cause pain and harm to just about anyone they don’t like .Why are people not talking about women with power that may have abused it as well as men have ?

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