Women’s Accusations Follow James Franco After Golden Globes

Women’s Accusations Follow James Franco After Golden Globes

Women’s Accusations Follow James Franco After Golden Globes
Some of James Franco's accusers say he's being insincere in his public appearances, and they fear that the pomp and circumstance of the Hollywood awards circuit will shield him from facing any consequences for what they said he did.


Tommy Dorsey
Tommy Dorsey 1 week ago

I haven't seen any stories about the janitor or next door neighbors husband that patted their butts or touched their knee . Sound's like deep pockets witch hunt to me .

Keith Punter
Keith Punter 1 week ago

All any small group of women need to do these days is band together and make an accusation against a high profile target. No police investigation, no arrests, no evidence, no testimony. It’s insane. I’m all for MeToo and cleaning house here, but at some point there has to be some sort of police involvement. You have to be innocent until proven guilty.

And no, this isn’t “victim blaming”. It’s observing facts and respecting human rights and freedoms, and the law. Does no one think it a little suspect as to the timing of these allegations ... even a tiny bit?

Jackie Wengerd
Jackie Wengerd 1 week ago

All people should have some kind of road to redemption. We are all human and make mistakes. What is the path back to integration for some of these potential offenders? They can't be ostracized from society forever, so what makes a good enough effort in regard to apologizing?

Janice Dunning
Janice Dunning 1 week ago

In the allegations, I did not see the word Force anywhere. He's starting a romantic relationship with a 21 year old and he wants a blow job? So what. Women sign a contract to do an orgy scene in his movie and now they're upset? I don't get it.
It doesn't appear to me that he forced anyone , from these 2 incidents, to do something. That doesn't mean All allegations are BS, but for Franco, with the info provided here, doesn't smell like assault to me.
I'm just saying...

Andy Gottesman
Andy Gottesman 1 week ago

so it say she started a romantic relationship with him, somewhere in that time she gave him a blowjob and my guess is he reciprocated. I'm maybe missing something but isn't that normal in a romantic relationship?

Sean Grebey
Sean Grebey 1 week ago

This is the end of #MeToo. His accusers are for things like he coerced his romantic partner into giving him a blow job, and he didn’t pay a woman enough for her nude scenes.

Tanner Slonceski
Tanner Slonceski 1 week ago

Out of all these accusers there is a girl who he was dating that regretted blowing him once in a car, but still continued to date him afterward...

A couple girls who didn't want to do nude scenes even though the contracts they signed for their roles included that the roles did indeed have nude scenes...

And a a girl who said James Franco hit on her 17 year old friend...

Aside from hitting on a 17 yr old being kinda grimy, but certainly not illegal in NY, where's the scandal?

Emman Urom
Emman Urom 1 week ago

I do not do sexual exploitation. I'll wait for the girls to get a chance on me. Plus, women should pay me $20 per round because it is not easy for a man like me to make love.

Brian Irvine
Brian Irvine 1 week ago

Okay, these are "our one-percenters" and they can do no wrong. Sure, Streep looked the other way for years but now she is anti-Weinstein. Fashion has nothing to do with it, its courage.

Elizabeth Rivlin Griggs
Elizabeth Rivlin Griggs 1 week ago

Seriously asking should I Out every guy from 30 years ago who did this to me too? Just blast it all over ? Or is this only because he’s famous? Did you go with him because he was cute or famous or both? It’s wrong what he did. Let’s move forward unless they committed a crime. Then go for it. Didn’t you ever push them away? I did. I even slapped faces and said get off of me. Did this affect your life? Did you see a shrink? Etc etc.

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