Bisexual YouTuber Shane Dawson Fends Off Pedophilia Accusations

Bisexual YouTuber Shane Dawson Fends Off Pedophilia Accusations

Bisexual YouTuber Shane Dawson Fends Off Pedophilia Accusations
The YouTuber claims a Hollywood player spurred the accusations "to get revenge."


Jeff Lynn
Jeff Lynn 1 week ago

... ANYONE can make accusations ... but it's gotten to the point that people are being ruined because we've devolved to a level where there is now a presumption of guilt ... and the accused must prove a negative. Fucking absurd!

Nathan Henderson
Nathan Henderson 1 week ago

From the screen-caps in the article like he actually said that they're CLAIMING someone put them up to it. He does not make that assertion himself.

Travis Jones
Travis Jones 1 week ago

I hope Shane weathers the storm. If he's guilty of it there's gonna be victims and charges but I've watched this guy for years. I don't think so... maybe I'm wrong but I'll wait and see.

Paris Hardy
Paris Hardy 1 week ago

The channel that edited statements from Dawson’s appearances on a podcast has deleted the accusation video & deleted the channel. However, damage is done. These kind of accusations are serious & life threatening.

James F Kiernan
James F Kiernan 1 week ago

Nothing funny about pedophilia!! This certain generation who is obsessed with social media needs a spanking like that twit Paul filming and disrespecting that suicide victim! What is wrong with these callow disgusting miscreants?

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