YouTube megastar caught in audio 'justifying' paedophilia

YouTube megastar caught in audio 'justifying' paedophilia

YouTube megastar caught in audio 'justifying' paedophilia
'First of all, I don't know if I'm not allowed to say this, but she's, like, sexy.'


Jamie Mackenzie
Jamie Mackenzie 1 week ago

Y'all do know that this is just a bunch of random clips put together out of context right? Do your research Herald, and focus on the ACTUAL pedos. This was proven fake

Chelsea Austwick
Chelsea Austwick 1 week ago

This was proven completely FALSE, and made up for money and attempted defamation. You should take this article down and write an apology, this is not the man you should be concentrating your time and effort into.

Rebecca Ball
Rebecca Ball 1 week ago

Logan Paul, the YouTuber who filmed the dead man in Japan's suicide forest, wanted the negative heat diverted elsewhere so his manager or film director(?) paid a YouTube channel $6,500 to piece together a video making Shane Dawson look like a pedophile. Shane Dawson of all people - who was sexually abused as a child and who spreads awareness of the growing problem of pedophilia in Hollywood - was accused of being a pedophile. Years ago his humour was very dark and he used outrageous jokes to mask the pain he felt about a certain topic and also to get as many laughs out of people as possible. He has apologised in his most recent video and explained the audio recording. So yeah Shane Dawson is not a pedophile.

Jamie Baker
Jamie Baker 1 week ago

This was proven a lie by the people who made the claims that the YouTuber was a pedophile. According to sources, there was a chance that the YouTube channel was actually blackmailed by actual pedophiles.

Next time, have concrete evidence on him.

Susan Hatten
Susan Hatten 1 week ago

Did anyone read the post then watch the video where He plays the recording then apologises saying he isn't a paedophile... but in the recording he called the 6 year old sexy twice and said the naked baby was sexy... I don't care how long ago this is or how much he wants to deny it due to public outrage .. he was adult and sober when he said it ... just because he's gone underground with his "fetish" He doth protest too loudly 😡

Richard Sutherland
Richard Sutherland 1 week ago

There is no proof he’s a pedophile.. he made jokes years ago which have been taken out of context and edited into a video which appears to portray him as a pedo..

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