Tesco backs bottle deposit refund scheme

Tesco backs bottle deposit refund scheme

Tesco backs bottle deposit refund scheme
YES!⚡Theresa May, take note!


Amanda Dolan
Amanda Dolan 1 week ago

Did Tesco not have a scheme like this previously for cans? You popped your cans into the machine and received tesco points. For some reason they stopped dong it. Would be super easy to implement the same sort of thing for plastic bottles Just like is commonly seen in The Netherlands.

Derek Fairhurst
Derek Fairhurst 1 week ago

Got to change. I went out on a jet ski to a deserted island in the Maldives - several miles off the main rangali island resort. Past all these dolphins etc ... Got to the island and it was covered in plastic . I mean covered

Elisabeth Amnegård
Elisabeth Amnegård 1 week ago

It works in Sweden on glass bottles, plastic bottles and cans. Plus you buy your drinks in glass bottles in a plastic crate that you also pay deposit for.
85% of all drinks packaging is recycled in Sweden, not bad 😊

Caroline Albrecht
Caroline Albrecht 1 week ago

The DRS is a great idea however shouldn't the focus be on reducing single use plastics in the first instance? Genuine question and not looking for confrontation. #DoMoreUseLess

Owen Killmister
Owen Killmister 1 week ago

My suggestion: every single-use plastic or paper cup product you ever buy qualifies, when returned, for a daily lottery ticket. No other way of entering. Depending on the take-up and surcharge paid for the product in the first place, there could be daily prizes of upto £1m pounds, all done via scannable receipts or something. The point is that, at present, the problem isn't (only) that stuff isn't recyclable, but that it isn't being recycled. This could up the re-capture rate immensely, which would drastically reduce the volume going to land-fill or ending up in the ocean.

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Tesco backs bottle deposit refund scheme

YES!⚡Theresa May, take note!
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