Fire, fury and fallout: The first year of the Donald Trump presidency

Fire, fury and fallout: The first year of the Donald Trump presidency

Fire, fury and fallout: The first year of the Donald Trump presidency
The long list of casualties from President Trump's first year in office tells its own story.


William Bauerhuit
William Bauerhuit 1 week ago

The Book of BS, Fire & Fury should be called Smoke & Ash

Like Donald J. Trump said, Michael Wolff is a total loser who made up stories in order to sell this really boring and untruthful book.

Journalists lie about Donald Trump

Mary Parker
Mary Parker 1 week ago

US has lost the plot. Maybe time we moved on and found new friends. You cannot soar like an eagle when you hang out with turkeys.

Michael Spano
Michael Spano 1 week ago

US stockmarkets on a record high, unemployment record lows, companies giving huge bonuses to workers, Kim Jong-Un neutered, immigration controls regaining national sovereignty. Gee that must be bad! Can we have some of that here in Australia? Where's our Donald J. Trump?

Sokhom Prins
Sokhom Prins 1 week ago

America First!
These are jealous, Trump hater. He got $4 billion dollar and they got nothing. Ha,Ha. He will be there for 8 years and next will be Ivanka

first woman president.
Hypocracy Left, Right, Greens is breath taking!
Left selected out rage.

Liberal moral superiority only suit their agenda.

Graham Ko
Graham Ko 1 week ago

I'm still trying to figure Trump out. Is what he said are the general consensus of the US government and he is the first president indiscriminately making political incorrect statements. Or is he mentally unfit to hold the presidential office.

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