Why we view Roxy Jacenko so differently to Zoe Foster Blake.

Why we view Roxy Jacenko so differently to Zoe Foster Blake.

Why we view Roxy Jacenko so differently to Zoe Foster Blake.
While one woman is sunkissed and holding her darling toddler's hand on the cover of Elle, the other is papped wiping pig's blood from the walls of her office after yet another vandal attack. One explanation why that's the case is both befuddling and sobering.


Rachael Parkes
Rachael Parkes 6 days ago

Seriously? You're turning the likeability of a female down to their husband?
Quite simply put (and this is just my opinion and point of view), Roxy is not a likeable person. She is not endearing. She portrays herself as extremely self absorbed and arrogant. It has nothing to do with her husband (ugh), or the fact that these qualities are also how she needs to be to run her business or whatever. Its simply her. As a person. Harsh but true. And sometimes thats just how it is. We dont have to like everyone.
And on the Zoe hand. She comes across as extremely likeable. Shes funny and down to earth.

Louise Jones
Louise Jones 6 days ago

Rubbish! Nothing to do with their husbands. Zoe is down to earth and humble. Roxy comes across as someone who just loves ‘expensive stuff’. ‘Look at what I have’, ‘look at what I can afford’, ‘look at what just got given to me’ in just about every Instagram post she makes 🙄 Nothing humble about that woman at all! Not to mention exposing her children and teaching them to become all about stuff and money too. Poles apart are these two women.

Meg Rowan
Meg Rowan 6 days ago

I don't know who either of these women are, but I do know mm gives them a platform to spruik their insta-crap lives . I don't get the obsession with these false idols - why worship someone for the sneakers they where & the latest food trend going round? . Our brains are collectively shrinking , and we've turned motherhood into the most ridiculous platform of sexism and seeking acceptance by praising outfits and lunchboxes put together for toddlers by otherwise ordinary women who take photos of it & post to social media. Why? Just fucking why?

Shauna McCann
Shauna McCann 6 days ago

Nothing to do with her husband, Roxy comes across as a plastic mean girl and sells her kids online whereas Zoe makes jokes about her children and their behaviour while adding some advertising in

Alana Woods
Alana Woods 6 days ago

I don’t get the point about Katie Holmes... does the author like her more with or without Tom Cruise? ... and how effing ridiculous to even say that!

P.s I don’t judge any of these women by their husbands... Roxy is painful with or without a husband.

Regina Anne
Regina Anne 6 days ago

Wow! When did we become a society who knows or cares how much a woman's shoes cost, or at what event the woman wears them at? When did we woman start to judge each other based on their spouse? This is a horrendous article outling the superficial success of two females who have nothing more in common then age, they married high profile men and the fact that their "success" is due to the media.
But no, the media isn't to blame for low self esteem in teenage girls...,

Annika Pedersen
Annika Pedersen 6 days ago

I like them both. Not sure about ZFB but RJ's Sweaty Beatty PR business employs a number of people and she had also continued to work while fighting cancer.

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