Bunnings to pull pesticide linked to bee deaths

Bunnings to pull pesticide linked to bee deaths

Bunnings to pull pesticide linked to bee deaths
News comes as a petition urging Bunnings to stop selling the pesticide hit 25,000 signatures in three days, in what senior campaigner Nick Haines called "highly successful".


Therese C Arty
Therese C Arty 6 days ago

Such BS honey bees are European and shouldn't be here in Australia anyway. Why are people so freaking obsessed by this when children in outback australia live in 3rd world conditions.

Andrea Arnett
Andrea Arnett 6 days ago

I don't use pesticides in my garden. I believe there are natural alternatives. If my plants die they die, too bad. Also who wants to eat honey exposed to pesticides?

Trudy Anrep
Trudy Anrep 6 days ago

We have to save our endangered bees otherwise we are in big trouble no pollination of plants and trees no fruit no flowers etc how did this product get on the market it should be removed immediately

Darren Meyer
Darren Meyer 6 days ago

Now can we start a campaign to get Bunnings to dumping (selling cheap) Chinese garbage. They are almost like a $2 shop now, except the $2 shop has some standards.

Jocelyn Dexter
Jocelyn Dexter 6 days ago

People should need a training and licence for all pesticides and herbicides. i see people spraying them around with no conception of the harm being done. Good forBunnings

Rolf Schmidt
Rolf Schmidt 6 days ago

There is little evidence that neonics alone are the problem. It’s more than one cause according to scientists, primarily the varroa mite, together with transporting hives to various fields. Heck just last week a study showed diesel fumes have a major negative impact on bees

Angela Davis
Angela Davis 6 days ago

I always avoid pyrethrum as it’s so poisonous. I’ve stopped keeping roses since they require so much protection. Succulents and cacti all the way!

Greg Keane
Greg Keane 6 days ago

Its been banned in Europe and Nth America for sometime... the issue in Australia is thats about the only thing we use here for Elm Leaf Beetle ... btw Age something that travels through the plant is called SYSTEMIC ...

No bees = no humans

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