Rep. John Lewis Says Being Racist Must Be In Trump's DNA

Rep. John Lewis Says Being Racist Must Be In Trump's DNA

Rep. John Lewis Says Being Racist Must Be In Trump's DNA
“It’s frightening to have someone in the office of the president in 2018 speaking the way that he’s speaking."


Wayne Todd
Wayne Todd 1 week ago

There is nobody who I respect more than John Lewis. It is my hope that his decision to boycott the State of the Union includes large numbers of congressional members. Trump has insulted the dignity of millions of people worldwide, and his racism can no longer be denied or ignored. We as a people must force him to understand that resignation is the only viable course for his presidency.

Karen Durall
Karen Durall 1 week ago

Mr. Trump wonders why more people from Norway don't immigrate to the United States. Well maybe it's because their country has a national health system, guaranteed salaries, paid maternity and paternity leaves, free college, and social safety nets among other things.

Stephen Stafford
Stephen Stafford 1 week ago

The State of the Union is sickened from the racism spewed by our President. Nobody needs to hear more of that. I fully support my congressman, John Lewis.

Ross Alander
Ross Alander 6 days ago

The GOP has some responsibility here as they enable his unacceptable behavior. Mr Ryan sets the tone by only saying "this was unfortunate", ya think? In the real world Mr Trump would have been fired for this behavior.
Ross the HR Guy

Byron Williams
Byron Williams 1 week ago

Because the state of the union is in a shambles! Those same Norwegian people are laughing out loud at the empty suit in the White House. SAD!

Paul Mason
Paul Mason 6 days ago

So now that it’s irrefutable don’t let him take another breath until this is dealt with, say NO to everything until this is investigated, just say no, it worked for them for 8 years under Obama.

R Doug Goodman
R Doug Goodman 6 days ago

As we all know. The State of the Union Address will all be about how much I, Donald Trump, have done to make America Great Again. More so than any other President has done in his first year of office. I think it would be a beautiful sight if everyone who disagrees with the direction America is going did like Rep. John Lewis and either did not attend the State of the Union address or walked out in protest. A message needs to be sent to the American people and to other countries overseas, giving them hope, that many of us do not support this President and what he stands for.

Sharon Bakula
Sharon Bakula 6 days ago

John Lewis is a true American hero and a natiinal treasure! (If you don't know why, read "March," the 3 volume graphic novel about his life.) God bless him for doing this!

Valli Scott
Valli Scott 6 days ago

Did anyone say, “if Obama would have said, you wouldn’t have a problem.” Well, the truth is, we have not had a president in my lifetime(I’m over 50 years old), who would make that statement in their presidential role.

Trip Allen
Trip Allen 6 days ago

No Dems on the House floor during the SOTU, only Dem women leaders and his sexual harassment accusers in the House Gallery. Include Hillary. Let them all look down on him.

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