Legendary broadcaster Keith Jackson, 89, dies

Legendary broadcaster Keith Jackson, 89, dies

Legendary broadcaster Keith Jackson, 89, dies
Legendary broadcaster Keith Jackson, who was widely regarded as the voice of college football by several generations, died late Friday night. He was 89.


Corey Blayne
Corey Blayne 6 days ago

RIP Keith. This is a sad day for college football fans everywhere. I’ll never forget my favorite call from you.. the end of the 2005 national championship game.
“Looking for the cornerrr.... He’s got it! Vince. Young. Scores.”

Thank you for being part of many college football fans memories, including mine. See ya up there one day.

Luis Vasquez
Luis Vasquez 6 days ago

Wow. Rest in peace. So much of my youth was spent playing NCAA football video games and you were the voice of it not only virtually but in real life

David Krescent
David Krescent 6 days ago

One of the great voices of my youth. A great job announcing so many Pac-10 and bowl games. Part of the reason why I am such a big College Football fan. RIP Mr. Jackson, thoughts and prayers to your family, friends, and colleagues.

Lucas McFadden
Lucas McFadden 6 days ago

Rip Mr. Jackson,. My absolute favorite call in sports was his call of the Miracle at Michigan. This lifelong CU Buffs fans will never forget that call. Thank you sir for your brilliance. It was an absolute pleasure listening to Keith Jackson call college football. Will never be another.

Richard DeBow
Richard DeBow 6 days ago

Voice of my early childhood experience with college football.

I don't want to cast aspersions, but, I almost get the impression that Chris "Rumbling, Bumbling, Stumbling" Berman somewhat modeled his announcing style after Keith Jackson's.

Mark Wisnewski
Mark Wisnewski 6 days ago

You knew it was getting time for Keith is when they brought him on for a segment on the Rose Bowl last year and he couldn't even keep up with the broadcasters. It was so sad to watch that and you knew it was getting close for him. At least he was able to live a long life.

Brian Gregory Phillips
Brian Gregory Phillips 6 days ago

I remember him calling some DAWGS games back in the early 80s....some in Athens......... an some down in Jacksonville........R.I.P.....MAY YOUR SPIRIT AN VOICE SPREAD THROUGHOUT .......

Johnny Mahute
Johnny Mahute 6 days ago

The best! After enlisting and serving in the U.S. Marine Corps, he attended Washington State University in Pullman under the G.I. Bill. Jackson began as a political science major, but he became interested in broadcasting. He graduated in 1954 with a degree in speech communications.

Aaron Johnson
Aaron Johnson 6 days ago

I remember watch him on Saturday afternoons at 1pm in the late 80's and 90's/ I didn't care who was on. I love listening to him, that way he would draw certain words out. Like Al... A... Bama It was even more special when he did Washington Husky Football. I still wished he was doing game. What an Icon.

Michael Brennan
Michael Brennan 6 days ago

Notre Dame-USC, Oklahoma-Nebraska, Ohio State-Michigan, Alabama-Auburn, Penn State-Pittsburgh, Texas-Texas A&M, USC-UCLA, Notre Dame-Penn State those are the rivalry games I remember most because Keith Jackson did them all! So sad to hear of a legends passing! God Bless his family!

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