Facebook Steps Away From the Public Web

Facebook Steps Away From the Public Web

Facebook Steps Away From the Public Web
Facebook is tweaking its News Feed algorithm to put less of a focus on brands and Pages, and more of a focus on friends and family.


Christina Haftmann
Christina Haftmann 1 week ago

But I'm not interested in seeing pictures of babies and self involved selfies! I want more news and interesting subjects from around the world. But spare me friends and family. It's never really friends but more like annoying acquaintances.

Keith Young
Keith Young 1 week ago

I'm much more active on two private networking platforms and have been for months -- compared to Facebook. FB is losing my interest, maybe this move will help it.

Farinaz Noir
Farinaz Noir 6 days ago

I don't think this should be their decision, it should be the users decision what he preferres to see and to be updated about...there are people who don't use Facebook for private reasons and only for work!

Catherine MacAdam
Catherine MacAdam 1 week ago

I see my friends, we talk, we text... I really don't need to know what they had for breakfast!
On Facebook I enjoy special interest groups, pages related to these, and an eclectic mix of news. I especially love the random bits of info about Science, tech, Art, and dogs... Where else would I have discovered Humans of New York, Bangor Maine Police Department, and Women After 50? Not to mention dogs and cats doing silly things?

Lynn Goldfinger Abram
Lynn Goldfinger Abram 1 week ago

Why? Greed! Don't buy what they're saying. Not true. Now they can milk our businesses so that we have to pay to promote our posts. The business pages that we've spent years to cultivate and pay for more followers. Disgusting.

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