Legendary sports broadcaster Keith Jackson dies at 89

Legendary sports broadcaster Keith Jackson dies at 89

Legendary sports broadcaster Keith Jackson dies at 89
Legendary sports broadcaster Keith Jackson, one of the most distinctive voices in college football for half a century, dies at 89.


Jim Rumm
Jim Rumm 6 days ago

Whoa Nellie...Mr Jackson was a college football broadcasting encyclopedia. He could make any play, player or team relevant because he put in the extraordinary effort needed to make the broadcast exciting no matter what the score was. My thoughts and prayers are with his family friends and colleagues.

Jen Evans
Jen Evans 6 days ago

Whoa, Nellie, indeed. I was watching an episode of 'CHiPs' and it was about stolen cars, and one of the principle characters was the victim of car theft and he mentioned the fact that the chief suspect had binoculars that were just as strong as the binoculars Keith Jackson used in the Rose Bowl.

Alejandro King
Alejandro King 6 days ago

I grew up watching college football in the late 1960's and early 1970's ( the Pro game stinks btw)....and ABC sports was the place to watch it.....and when Mr.Keith Jackson called the game....it really made it Special.....Thank you Keith for a a job well done....college football was lucky to have you call its games. Keith Jackson....a name fans will never forget.

Jillian Brwn
Jillian Brwn 6 days ago

So very sad to hear this. I grew up loving his play by play calling of oh so many exciting games. What an amazing thing that he spent over 50 years getting paid for a job he loved. The sports world has lost a great one. Condolences and prayers to his family.

Marilyn Whitson
Marilyn Whitson 6 days ago

The best football announcer ever. He could make the most boring game exciting, the most exciting game even more so. You never could tell who he was for........and he didn't ramble on & on with useless info like they do today. A true classy guy.

Dave Weix
Dave Weix 6 days ago

Keith was the Grand Daddy voice of college football when I was growing up!! Loved his play by play!! Broadcasting Hall Of Fame Legend!! RIP My Friend!! Strength & Prayers To Your Family And Friends!!

Bill Huntley
Bill Huntley 6 days ago

Listening to Keith Jackson do a game was as sweet as any music Ive ever heard! He was a part of me growing up as much as any other fond memory I keep close. 😥

Stephen Oleszek
Stephen Oleszek 6 days ago

And the heavens are now saying, "Whoa Nellie..." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g1804aD64YI At 2:21:08, my favorite call... "All day for Weldon and he LET'S IT RIP for Baker!"

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