'Expert' Is Pushing for Baby Formula to Be Available by Prescription Only

'Expert' Is Pushing for Baby Formula to Be Available by Prescription Only

'Expert' Is Pushing for Baby Formula to Be Available by Prescription Only
He has to be kidding, right?!


Roxanne English
Roxanne English 6 days ago

This is crazy..... Never heard of something so ridiculous, have to have a prescription to eat, or so your baby can eat.....what mo-ron thought this up?

Krista Brack
Krista Brack 6 days ago

I only produced 2oz per breast so had to use formula or my baby would have been hungry. Shouldn't need a prescription to feed kid. What if you don't have insurance? Crazy

Rebecca Pereira
Rebecca Pereira 6 days ago

Wtf!!! This is bull!! What if a mother can’t or just chooses not to BF, that’s her own choice! It’s really all about ego at that point! “I believe breast is best therefore everyone should believe it too!!” Baby’s have died because of people like this!!

Jane Snyder Gienger
Jane Snyder Gienger 6 days ago

Moron male who is freaking clueless. First you would need to deal with all the "omg don't breastfeed in front of me it's vulgar" people ... when you get that fixed then you could maybe on a slow day think about this idea.

Jennifer Wolfenbarger
Jennifer Wolfenbarger 6 days ago

This keeps going around & has been for some time. Moms have it hard enough without some 'expert', especially a man, trying to make it harder on them. Fed is best. Not everyone can, or should breastfeed for that matter. Leave it up to the women who pushed that baby out of their body & mind your own business.

Audrey Marie Ventura-Munoz
Audrey Marie Ventura-Munoz 6 days ago

I think this is great for moms I don’t think it should have regulations or force moms to breastfeed but more so make it a thing insurance cover for no cost or a reduced priced like most prescriptions ! If breast pumps are now covered why not formula? ( I am a mom of three and I have formula fed and exclusively breastfed my last it was easy no formula my middle child however I never produced even after pumping schedules and taking prescription to help so I get it )

Lisa Martin
Lisa Martin 6 days ago

Its a woman and mothers choice to breastfeed their babies...most are not comfortable with a baby on their boob...it happens...not all moms dont wanna breastfeed just to drink or do drugs...their choice to give boob or formula...and as for WIC u tell them if ur breastfeeding then u wont get formula just good foods for u while EBF and if u so happen to dry up(as i did)then u contact WIC and they reissue a new WIC list with formula..if baby cant have whole milk(like my youngest)they RX with soy...every state is different!!!and every mother has a choice!

Emily Skaggs
Emily Skaggs 6 days ago

Not every mother can breast feed some don’t produce enough milk some have custody issues and some has medical issues formula is already to expensive quit trying to make it hard for parents to feed their babies!

Roxanne English
Roxanne English 6 days ago

Why do some ppl have to make ugly comments about this? If you can't say anything nice don't say anything at all...plain and simple, stop already with the negativity!!

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