Richlister's plan to give away $400m fortune

Richlister's plan to give away $400m fortune

Richlister's plan to give away $400m fortune
Sir Owen Glenn tells of health, business, philanthropy and leaving much of his wealth to charity.


Jan Thomson
Jan Thomson 6 days ago

So sorry Sir Owen is so unwell...he has always been such a generous man and taken a lot of unkindness from some because of who he is....I see him as a man with a golden heart and a great love of the less fortunate in New Zealand. Go well Sir Glenn and enjoy the rest of your life....some of us can see past those that dont appreciate what you have done for NZ . I have not benefited from you personally but I say thankyou for those that have.

Lynne Cartwright
Lynne Cartwright 6 days ago

Wow what an incredible legacy he has already created & shared to a wide range of people. The opportunities to many. Would have liked to have met this man - such an inspiration!! Thank you for his story.

Diane Hopkinson
Diane Hopkinson 6 days ago

Why doesn't he give it away before he passes on the n perhaps he will see how this money will benefit a lot of needy organisations, hospitals etc.

Yvonne Gill
Yvonne Gill 6 days ago

Wow What darling man caring and sharing God Bless him I WISH he could help me Nelson Hospital stop my pain medicine because we had a break in and GP is unable to give me any pain medicine I have had 74 ops because of Drs I have just meet a other man who has cancer and they stopped his pain medicine same Dr please help us too make this not happen too other people God Bless you

Linda Scanlon
Linda Scanlon 6 days ago

Please dont give it to politics, give it to our homeless and help them into homes with their children. Do it now when it will matter so you can see the benefits. Give it to an organisation that won't eat it up in their admin costs, make it so it has to go directly to the people you want to help.

Jack Henderson
Jack Henderson 6 days ago

Good. Children who inherit lots of money often turn out to be parasitic weaklings, unable to contribute to society. We really should bring back proper inheritance taxes.

Albert Barr
Albert Barr 6 days ago

A good kiwi bloke. Happiness is sound health. Wish Owen respite from illness to have an enjoyable 2018 of travel, some of those places most of us dream of visiting.

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