Animal welfare groups call for higher standards for farmed chickens

Animal welfare groups call for higher standards for farmed chickens

Animal welfare groups call for higher standards for farmed chickens
“The scale of suffering is substantial, including the use of fast-growing breeds which can contribute to painful conditions such as severe lameness and heart defects.”


Christian Devine
Christian Devine 6 days ago

The solution is not an extreme gutting of our current agricultural structure as some vegetarians and vegans propose, but rather raising the standards we keep and farm these animals in and generally reducing meat consumption across the board.

Meg Thornberry
Meg Thornberry 6 days ago

What this fails to not is that the best way to raise standards for farm animals is to raise standards for farmers. Many have contracts with large corporations that prevent from making the changes that would be better for both them and the animals.

Rosa de Foc
Rosa de Foc 6 days ago

Unfortunately money is more important than animal welfare or human health... the solution is to stop eating meat that you can't trace back to a farm or local producer and to eat a lot less of it. Animals would be happier and humans healthier... although companies would lose money, so we will always be led to believe we need to eat meat...

Carol Nudell
Carol Nudell 6 days ago

The human race really needs to get in touch with who are food used to be. These animals may be on this earth 'to be eaten,' but they deserve a LIFE before that day comes. Anyone who has ever known a chicken, or a cow, or a pig, will tell you they are all individuals with a personality and a brain. Something is wrong with the human ego if we can treat other species like this.

Robert Bolton
Robert Bolton 6 days ago

When I was a young boy,there was no such thing as a Free Range chicken. ALL chickens were Free Range then. A chicken was bought for a special dinner.

Naomi Rios
Naomi Rios 6 days ago

My partner used to work as a chicken catcher. He said told me once the amount of dead chickens farms would throw out due to overcrowding. I worked out it was potentially a million pounds a year going straight in the bin, never mind the waste of life

Leontien van Voren
Leontien van Voren 6 days ago

Right, we have this "Solution" in NL, where the new "standard" chicken gets a whole 5 more days to grow... Those 5 days were a compromise, because with the amount of chickens in NL, increasing it to more is not feasible. It's news like that that made me give up meat.

Andrew Wright
Andrew Wright 6 days ago

The UK poultry industry slaughtered about a billion chickens in 2017. It's not practically or economically feasible to do that in a manner that is profitable and competitive, while also free of intense pain, fear suffering and distress, etc., especially when it's being done in such a highly industrialised setting. But this narrow focus on animal welfare ignores the ethical questions raised by treating sentient beings like items of property or commodities to be used and violently disposed of when the moment suits. I have chickens who've lived long and incredible lives, but I'd still maintain that it'd be wrong to subject one of them to a violent, premature, unnecessary and avoidable death. I'm not in a life-or-death situation. I could just eat something else, like pasta or a chickpea curry.

Pete Dulson
Pete Dulson 6 days ago

I'm a meat eater, but one thing I believe is that any creature we eat should have the best life we can give it , it's death must be humane if that means meat costs more and we eat less so be it, and veggie food is very good these days

Karen Louise Jafrate
Karen Louise Jafrate 6 days ago

People asked for cheap meat. People got cheap meat. Now all the 11 year old boys have boobies and people are eating misery in the form of nuggets.

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