Why Trump's first year hasn't been that bad

Why Trump's first year hasn't been that bad

Why Trump's first year hasn't been that bad
The past year for The Don hasn't been as bad as you may think, writes Heather du Plessis-Allan.


Brett Kirkwood
Brett Kirkwood 6 days ago

He has achieved more in one year than Obama did in 8 and the US economy is really starting to turn around under Trump's leadership. Yes, he says stupid things but he is battling the entire mainstream media as well as the Democrats and there is so much collusion and corruption with these two groups. They all mock what he says then, in the end, it turns out to be true!

Luke Easton
Luke Easton 6 days ago

First smart thing she ever said. On paper he has had a very succefull first year. But this also explains why Heather is so anti jacinda after four months in Parlimant.

Peter Berman
Peter Berman 6 days ago

If she is correct in saying that Trump has pleased his supporters who, after all, won the election, that is every reason for decent people to stay away from that ****hole of a country.

John Nyemetz
John Nyemetz 6 days ago

Disappointing that here we are at the start of 2018. We have an article composed by a supposedly "respected" figure in mainstream NZ media, that still supports the myth of trickle down economics.

Wini Te Are
Wini Te Are 6 days ago

Really -how safe and privilege we here in our own paradise. The measure used to determine success of a this President is from a white rose coloured lens.

Joshua Bodyfelt
Joshua Bodyfelt 6 days ago

Tell you what, Heather: I'm trying hard to get NZ citizenship. Since you love the Orange Shitler so much, I'll trade you citizenship. How 'bout that?

Charles England
Charles England 6 days ago

So is Heather Duplicitous-Allen going to ditch her huka papa and head over to the U.S.A. to share the love with the Orange Roughy?

Kane Sutton
Kane Sutton 6 days ago

Low unployment in decades crime down stock markets hitting record highs Isis almost gone 2.1 million jobs.. 75% less people crossing the boarder...

And rates of black people buying homes has increased in the last year..

Jane Wallace
Jane Wallace 6 days ago

There are always two sides to a story. The only people unhappy with President Trump are the Democrats that are still on meds trying to cope with the disappointment Clinton got caught out being a liar and one of the most investigsted politicians in the USA. Now they are pinning their hopes on Oprah. It's laughable.

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