Kentucky first to win federal OK to roll back Medicaid expansion

Kentucky first to win federal OK to roll back Medicaid expansion

Kentucky first to win federal OK to roll back Medicaid expansion
Kentucky's plan is certain to face legal challenge, with advocates arguing the changes are not allowed under federal Medicaid law.


Rita Smitha
Rita Smitha 1 week ago

I live in owensboro ky. I don't qualify for Medicaid but for those who do and will have to work for those who don't have a car they all would have to work day shift because they would have to take the bus and the bus stops running at 6 pm hope there is a lot of day shift jobs available

Marilena Gironda
Marilena Gironda 1 week ago

I don't exactly understand how it works in Kentucky, but in Utah I do not qualify for Medicaid because I have an income. If I didn't that I would.

Holly Eldredge
Holly Eldredge 1 week ago

What about the people who are work their butts off and can't afford health insurance, but don't qualify for Medicaid. Those are the people who suffer!!!

Randy Lewis
Randy Lewis 1 week ago

The Medicaid was specifically intended (under the ACA) to help lower income families - of which there are a lot in Kentucky because they keep re-electing the same PoS Republicans to congress.

Charlie Dickerson
Charlie Dickerson 6 days ago

Since so many, including many vets, have difficulty working, they will likely live more difficult to live and get it back together or just die early on. They intend to get rid of the "human trash" as Hitler called it. How do you Republicans live with yourselves? The t party "Jes let "um die" is alive and well in Kentucky Republican Party.

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