Michael Danby silent on limos for holidays

Michael Danby silent on limos for holidays

Michael Danby silent on limos for holidays
Melbourne Ports MP charged taxpayers about $500 for COMCARs to the airport on three trips to the Gold Coast or Cairns for which he had no official parliamentary business.


Matthew Patrick
Matthew Patrick 6 days ago

There is a very strong alternative candidate in Melbourne Ports, and corrupt Danby only won by 477 votes last time, so I guess he's just stuffing his face before the restaurant closes.

Paul Loughman
Paul Loughman 6 days ago

Why is anybody surprised this is where our money is wasted !!! Self centred politicians on both sides who think they are entitled? They hound people on benifits amd raise taxes while they milk the system for everything they can get !!!!

Chris O'Neill
Chris O'Neill 6 days ago

Danby has no achievements in parliament, just a back bench sloth. why do back bench sloths get ability to use Australian tax payer funds to travel anywhere outside of their electorate other than Canberra. Danby can't possibly have any business needs in QLD considering he does nothing for Melbourne Ports.

Deborah McConnell
Deborah McConnell 6 days ago

Stop blaming others for you're greed. The pollies love chasing people for money . Some guilty some not. Have have to face court or pay it back. These grubby politicians just blame others or stay silent hoping it will go away. No they should be made accountable and pay it back then get demoted or sacked for stealing. When is enough enough from politicians stealing our money.

Andrew Hall
Andrew Hall 6 days ago

Our local foreign lobbyist for ports is being attacked again by the crazy anti-semetic media. Shame on us all. Haha bye bye Micheal games nearly over for you.

Patricia Athina
Patricia Athina 6 days ago

This man supports an entity that drops white phosphorus bombs on 1.8 million trapped human beings in Gaza, and other war crimes. Why should someone missing a conscience like that even feel remotely guilty about stealing taxpayers money?

Matty Clarke
Matty Clarke 6 days ago

We need to cap all perks & start an independent audit of the parliment. If they get perks no corporate wages or golden handshakes. It’s one or the other, time Australians set politicians pays not politicians themselves

Robert Follis
Robert Follis 6 days ago

Not good but definitely LNP propaganda to distract from the very real crimes of Bishop, Joyce and the LNP. Their fraud and rorting outweigh this a million to one !!

Elsa Maertzdorf
Elsa Maertzdorf 6 days ago

oh they found a labor politician now how about all those rorters being voted out of office? a real clean sweep .that wil give us a better chance.

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