DA probe slams De Lille over 'nepotism and cadre deployment'

DA probe slams De Lille over 'nepotism and cadre deployment'

DA probe slams De Lille over 'nepotism and cadre deployment'
Steenhuisen’s report said: “There appears to be a large amount of related-party employment practices undertaken. This is an extremely unhealthy situation as it has the potential to expose the party to charges of nepotism and cadre deployment‚ something we are extremely critical of the ANC for.”


Michael Yav
Michael Yav 6 days ago

Aunt Pat won't go down without fighting. She promised to deal with those who accused her at the court of law. The DA will get seriously bruised, deeply wounded and severly fractured after this saga. Watch the space

Garret Grant Beukes
Garret Grant Beukes 6 days ago

I think they don't want the WC & CPT anymore. People in Cape Town don't forget easy. Just ask the ANC what happened when they "redeployed" Ibrahim Rasool. They are still trying to recover.

Mompati Senne
Mompati Senne 6 days ago

De Lille your time is up just go back to coloured community and tell them that you lied to them about DA being the best political party in Western Cape, case of heidelberg massacre is on its way

Lukhanyo Mdledle
Lukhanyo Mdledle 6 days ago

If DA is serious about winning 2019 elections they must stop playing this pickie pickie mabelane,because they have serious problems to solve like radication illegal drugs,bringing down crime rate,porverty,built more houses for communities &create more jobs for people of Western Cape cause you leaders you are sent by voters to solve these problems not to play remember the time is running out

Marco Alex
Marco Alex 6 days ago

When a mayor appoints a Carpenter as a researcher, it's a clear example of nepotism. If the content of this article is accurate, there is absolutely no doubts that the mayor must be fired.

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