Obstetricians’ fees rise to 1000 times inflation rate

Obstetricians’ fees rise to 1000 times inflation rate

Obstetricians’ fees rise to 1000 times inflation rate
The cost of having a baby privately has skyrocketed; it was a mere $12 for an ob visit 24 years ago 😲


Sarah Caruana
Sarah Caruana 6 days ago

In all fairness inflation has raised the prices of everything else too. Obstetricians are one of the most highly risky professions of potentially getting sued which creates very high insurance premiums for them. They are generally on call 24 hours from Monday to Friday with various weekends as well. I believe the price you pay to see a private obstetrician is fair in the circumstances

Eryn Hanckel
Eryn Hanckel 6 days ago

I work for an obstetrician and with the rebate from Medicare a standard visit is $34.90... if you can’t afford that every month, fortnight or week you probably shouldn’t be having a baby!!

Rebecca-ann Kelly-Hayes
Rebecca-ann Kelly-Hayes 6 days ago

All up we were 3700 out of pocket but I had the best ob in the state and I spent 8 weeks in hospital with my son worth every cent

Hannah Idle
Hannah Idle 6 days ago

We saw a private OB for both our pregnancies and after the Medicare rebate we only paid $22.50 a visit! We also had no out of pocket expenses for our hospital stay at the private hospital (other than our excess). Some OBs charge more it just depends on who you see!

Liz Williams
Liz Williams 6 days ago

It's only the beginning of what kids cost... It's actually the cheap part lol if you don't want to pay put yourself in the public system! I would never have had two healthy prem babies if I didn't have expensive private OB's - I believe it's worth every cent "most days" lol

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