Eliza Dushku says she was molested at age 12 by stunt coordinator

Eliza Dushku says she was molested at age 12 by stunt coordinator

Eliza Dushku says she was molested at age 12 by stunt coordinator
Stuntman Joel Kramer was "flabbergasted" to hear that Dushku accused him of molesting her more than 20 years ago.


Cru Chris
Cru Chris 6 days ago

If you are a child on a movie set, your parents have to be around the entire time. Why was she staying in a hotel alone at 12?

Wendy Menara
Wendy Menara 6 days ago

I am thankful that folks who have buried these secrets out of shame and fear are now stepping out of the shadows and sharing their story. There is no timeline in sharing the truth. Shame on everyone for shaming and invalidating the victim or questioning their story and the fact they didn't speak up sooner.

Shelley Hanvey
Shelley Hanvey 6 days ago

Shocking how many of the disgusting comments on here about her making this horrific account up come from men. You do realise you’re able to form an opinion without looking down and consulting your other brain? Idiots 😡

Dawn E. Walker
Dawn E. Walker 6 days ago

For those who don't know. Not all child actors come with parents. Seem to forget many parents DO WORK. These children were brought by others whom the parents trusted and thinking they were looking out for their kids

Desiree Cannistraci Matos
Desiree Cannistraci Matos 6 days ago

When i was a kid if a man looked at me wrong i would bug out. I can thank my mother for keeping it Real with me about people and there sick ways. I just find it off that all these woman. Woman with a platform are talking 20 years later. I just dont know. What about woman who are actually raped?? This is why its difficult to charge these scumbags

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