#MeToo turning into a 'witch-hunt' - Liam Neeson

#MeToo turning into a 'witch-hunt' - Liam Neeson

#MeToo turning into a 'witch-hunt' - Liam Neeson
The Taken star's afraid if he touches someone's knee, he'll lose his career.


Sue Black
Sue Black 6 days ago

I agree with him. Some people, men and women, just naturally touch people when talking to them. It’s not harassment or anything sinister and they don’t even realise they are doing it. People just need to stop being offended so easily and making everything about sex.

Duncan Ross
Duncan Ross 6 days ago

Why are you afraid? Have you done something that might come out?

Don't assault people or get touchy feely and you have nothing to worry about.

Gail Burdon
Gail Burdon 6 days ago

Men should start to complain at all the women who have touched them.All the women who have complained up to now should have their jobs axed. It makes me so wild that a lot of women just make up stuff just to be famous.Yes there are genuine complaints out there.Look at the latest aussie case againt Craig.the women said all the events took place on stage in front of people. All the actors will have to have body guards 24/7.

Roy Burne
Roy Burne 6 days ago

interesting the tide is turning...when this whole thing kicked off it was about one man and one woman (victim) ... Now it seems just the mere look in the wrong direction or a touch is enough for some to drudge out their .. ".#there was this one time at band camp story" 🤣....the #message has not only become blurred they have shot the messenger 🤗

Chris Plant
Chris Plant 6 days ago

I just find that all these men have had their lives ruined by allegations. I'm not saying that things haven't happened. But none have gone through court. Sadly it's trial through media these days.

Malcolm Sowter
Malcolm Sowter 6 days ago

Don't even contemplate giving a hug of congratulations or than for job well done.I could because I am a broke, no money nobody.Hope I don't strike lotto next week, 😜😜

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