7 benefits of booking an interior cruise cabin | OverSixty

7 benefits of booking an interior cruise cabin | OverSixty

7 benefits of booking an interior cruise cabin | OverSixty
The smallest cabins can have the biggest benefits.


Geraldine Pettig
Geraldine Pettig 1 year ago

Yes, hubby and I went on a Mediterranean cruise a few years ago. Hubby missed a step getting off a bus on a shore excursion and put his back out about 1/2 way through the cruise. He spent a lot of time lying on the bed in our cabin. Thank goodness we had a balcony and I could open up the curtains and sliding door so he could see out and enjoy fresh air, sea breeze, different sounds etc.

Jackie King
Jackie King 1 year ago

We always have an interior cabin, we don't spend much time in it really only to sleep and shower, we rather be out an about, meeting people, and sitting on deck, if you are staying in a cabin most of the time why leave home.

Rosemary Miles
Rosemary Miles 1 year ago

I prefer to have a window. It
didnt cost me a huge amount more than an inside cabin. On my next cruise I've booked early enough to get another good price on s balcony cabin this time and I can't wait.

Audrey Henderson
Audrey Henderson 1 year ago

It may be best value but I couldn't do it. I just love waking up to see where we are arriving. Breakfast or lunch on the balcony and afternoon drinks. I know I can't afford as many cruises but I really enjoy the ones I go on.

Coral Alex Todorovic
Coral Alex Todorovic 1 year ago

WE always do interior for all these reasons . Love the fact they are pitch black and sleeping is a breese. lights switches above pillow and on side table if needed. Have cruised more than 200days would not do it any other way.

Shirley Preston
Shirley Preston 1 year ago

I have only been on three cruises, the first with a balcony the second with a large window and the third inside cabin. Won't go any other way in future. Slept really well, and spent most of my time exploring the ship and meeting heaps of great people.

Josephine O'Neil
Josephine O'Neil 1 year ago

I'm a single cruiser and always book an inside cabin , I love them, you do sleep well and seriously how much time do you spend in it anyway ! Don't knock it till you try it.

Denise Donovan
Denise Donovan 1 year ago

Been in two interior cabins, nothing wrong with them, woke up at 10 in the morning on first night of one of cruises and that was only because a friend was knocking on door looking for us, half the morning was gone. The rooms are so dark but learnt to leave bathroom door open a bit, but love them.

Lyn Pride
Lyn Pride 1 year ago

We only book interior cabins. It was a bit strange the first time as you had no idea of the time and i kept putting the TV on to see the time so i wouldn't miss breakfast. Yes it does save money either for another cruise or those cruise excursions ashore. We only go to the cabin to sleep, shower and change clothes.

Ann Mellors
Ann Mellors 11 months ago

1st cruise on Rhapsody we had a big window, next was on Radiance with a balcony, then on Jewel with an interior room, coming up we decided to go on Ovation with a virtual balcony!
Don't think about the cost, in interested to try something different-must admit I'd like to try a suite but cost would click in then!

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