Workplaces 'should cater for menopause as they do for pregnancy'

Workplaces 'should cater for menopause as they do for pregnancy'

Workplaces 'should cater for menopause as they do for pregnancy'
“Women want it to be raised if appropriate. They don’t want to be treated as ill, they just want some understanding and awareness of it.”


Patsy Foulkes
Patsy Foulkes 4 days ago

The menopause is an absolute handicap to some of us, it has always puzzled me how embarrassed people get when I try to talk about it, both online and off. I'd have to have an office on the roof of a building to feel comfortable at times, outdoor work would work better. The mental fog is a bind at times and the anxiety is very real. A sense of having no control on one's life too. My hot flushes have carried on for about 20 years, slightly subsiding now, I'm 66. I switched to a plant based diet 4 years ago and have felt better for that. Tried all the herbal, bs remedies but what really works is drawing back from the bustle of full on modern life, arrogant younger people, fresh air and walking the dogs. I'm lucky, stayed fit and healthy and have a desire to find a little house in the middle of a forest with no neighbours............know anywhere?

Alexandra Knez
Alexandra Knez 4 days ago

What women need to understand is that understanding and awareness doesn't go well with capitalism. It is a fact and that is also why women wages are lower in many fields of business.

Rebekka Kongevold
Rebekka Kongevold 4 days ago

I must have no filter cause I really don't have an issue letting someone know in a professional setting if I'm having a hot flash coming over me. Most adults are aware of biological things that happen to women, it's not awkward or embarrassing. In fact saying it often is an ice breaker for letting others talk about their issues too lol

Jean McHugh- Morris
Jean McHugh- Morris 4 days ago

Wow guys. Of course we should have equality. When your "manopause" means you bleed from your vagina for 8 days solid (with no telling when that time will be, regular cycles are out of the window) and for some of that time bleed and clot so heavily that the very largest tampons actually shoot out of your vagina shortly after insertion and sometimes you just have to sit on the toilet for 20 minutes because of the quantity of blood you are losing, whilst feeling completely exhausted because you have not slept for 3 days and are anaemic (no surprise), not to mention sudden hot flushes which can affect you anywhere anytime, visual problems, weight gain plus numerous other symptoms - then please get in touch.

Julie Adams
Julie Adams 4 days ago

Nature plays a nasty trick, as the menopause does not come alone. It kicks in while parents are getting frail and needing care; while the kids grow up and move out- or have kids themselves. You suddenly find that at work you are seen as over the hill and making way for younger people. Or if you are in your own, you can feel isolated. But these things are fleeting. The aged parents die. You will retire- if you're lucky enough to have a decent pension plan. The kids will find their own way. But these things are also scary- and many fear the loss of loved ones, the isolation of a life without work. The key is being adaptable, and open to change

Rachael Raines
Rachael Raines 4 days ago

I'm a woman who is Peri-menopausal. I don't exactly know how someone is suppose to 'cater' to me. This is a biological condition that can take YEARS to go through. I am responsible for maintaining my mental health and behavior during this time of hormonal changes. All I require is healthcare!!! As an American, that's not exactly going to be easy and certainly isn't cheap. As for someone giving me 'paid leave', that will not really help me in the slightest.

Teri McKeown
Teri McKeown 4 days ago

In my last workplace I got slated for occasional Meno "brain fog" forgetful moments whereas a pregnant colleague " baby brain" forgetfulness was coo'd over. Studies have shown it's similar hormones and same effect. Except meno women didn't have a choice, whereas expectant mothers usually do. Equal treatment would have been nice.

Leanne Amanda Rowe
Leanne Amanda Rowe 4 days ago

I assume all the laughing reacts are men who don't go through the same huge hormonal change and just have no empathy for other people's suffering if they can't relate to it directly.

Helen Beaumont Manahan
Helen Beaumont Manahan 4 days ago

Hi. To any (other) people contemplating commenting “what about men?” on an article about female menopause: please read this first. Thanks.

Barbara Selas
Barbara Selas 4 days ago

And for andropause please! Man suffer the same way but as it is a tabu and most don't know what is going on with them they can really make others life miserable

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