Brexit shock: No deal will cost EU £500billion

Brexit shock: No deal will cost EU £500billion

Brexit shock: No deal will cost EU £500billion
Pressure's mounting on EU bosses to sign a deal with Britain


John Cole
John Cole 4 days ago

The eu pockets our tariffs we should be getting from current wto trades we do outside the eu, which is about half our total trading. The eu takes those tariffs worth billions. When we leave the eu will not be getting those tariffs.

On wto, we can zero-rate tariffs if we wish... If other countries do the same, and the eu should follow suit because they would pay far more than we do, Then that would result in a true FREE TRADE scenario. ..

WTO = free trade if both sides zero rate goods. .. And theres no eu-political takeover either.

Robert James Dunlop
Robert James Dunlop 4 days ago

Get out now, don't pay these dictator's a penny, because right from the brexit result these dictator's have been running scared and that's why they have been using the bully boy tactic's.

David Buchanan
David Buchanan 4 days ago

Minford has been touting this argument for a couple of years. Apparently, one of the most widely accepted economic theories as if by magic doesn’t apply to the UK. Distance and borders diminishes trade. Also, if you charge tariffs, you get charged tariffs (WTO rules) which will make vital exports more expensive.

Charles Bury
Charles Bury 4 days ago

The EU think they will dictate terms to us, we must be a lot harder, sadly I cannot see our government being so they are just to weak

Stephen Berry
Stephen Berry 4 days ago

I stopped reading when it said that “we” would make money off tariffs - UK import tariffs are paid by UK businesses and consumers, they’re just a tax. They raise money for the government, who then spend it - as a nation, it leaves us neither worse nor better off directly (although the indirect loss of trade does leave us worse off).

I’ll also note that the economic impact isn’t in doubt - anyone who’s looked into the matter in any depth (and isn’t called “Economists for Brexit”) has found that Brexit will leave us worse off, and a hard Brexit worst off of all.

Scot Murphy
Scot Murphy 4 days ago

Davis cannot even be trusted by his own party, let alone the country, he has proved to be a lying individual and still people allow his to negotiate a deal for the future of millions for years to come. Get a grip England.

Scot Murphy
Scot Murphy 4 days ago

But this will be reduced by 3 Billion when Britain orders all the new Ministry of Defence vehicles & spares from GERMANY. How ironic.And why do we need these vehicles, to fight foreign wars that have NOTHING to do with US.

Tim Norris
Tim Norris 4 days ago

If the EU negotiators had been all sweetness and light, it would be very difficult to walk away with No Deal. However they really fallen into the trap and have acted like a bunch of arseholes and bullies, making it much easier for the UK government to justify walking out and the British people would support them completely. The Remoaners arguments have already been utterly destroyed because of the behaviour of the EU.

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