WATCH | Courts will give me justice if DA won't‚ says De Lille

WATCH | Courts will give me justice if DA won't‚ says De Lille

WATCH | Courts will give me justice if DA won't‚ says De Lille
Cape Town mayor Patricia de Lille wept on Sunday as pastors at a church in Langa laid their hands on her head to pray for her.


Elaine Ridgway
Elaine Ridgway 5 days ago

You're fighting for your job, but you're not concerned about the fact that we are going to run out of water! All under your watch! Not to mention all the millions that was stolen also under your watch!

Aria Jula
Aria Jula 5 days ago

croc tears. she knows she done wrong and you can tell by her obfuscations. she must go to the DA and say im sorry, please be lenient, i will never do it again. that's all, and await their decision instead of veiled threats.

Anneline du Plessis
Anneline du Plessis 5 days ago

DA moet hul skaam om de Lille so te behandel na alles wat sy vir hul opgeoffer het. Die bel hamels wat die onwaarheid versprei moet terdeë gestraf word.. Net afguns e jaloersie

Judge Mdluli
Judge Mdluli 5 days ago

the problem of not being white enough or black enough,,,people dont know what to say now,,,she once became a hero on being a whistle blower,,,,,,what now

Adrian Stevens
Adrian Stevens 5 days ago

She is an incompetent bum that the DA used to get her votes. She was to stupid to trust the DA. Get out of politics and enjoy your millions, people still don't hv toilets in cape town so how did this bum benefit the people of cape town

Jack Turrok
Jack Turrok 5 days ago

Instead of chasing after Malema,the DA should show proficiency in managing its affairs.
It can micromanage the affairs of the ANC and the EFF when its own house is in disarray.

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Churches are outraged by the decision to ban smacking your child in SA
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Motata lied, says evidence leader in tribunal probing his conduct
Retired Judge Nkola Motata has been accused of lying during cross-examination before a judicial tribunal probing his conduct.
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SA will be riding on Ramaphosa's strong anti-corruption talk at WEF | IOL News
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Rising seas from warming climate threaten major cities in Africa
Approximately one million South Africans live in areas that will be inundated by rising seas as the climate warms - unless carbon emissions reduce dramatically by the year 2100.
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Cape Town could be the first major city in the world to run out of water
Taps are expected to run dry on April 21.
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ANC NEC wants Zuma removed - but not just yet
The ANC’s NEC agreed Zuma should be removed from office - but that it be managed by the newly-elected ANC officials.
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SA business plans to boycott Trump’s Davos speech
South African business leaders plan to boycott US President Donald Trump’s address to delegates at the World Economic Forum’s meeting in Davos next week.
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Pitso ‘considers stopping TV subscription because of tavern talk’
He says he considers cancelling his DStv subscription when he listens to TV analysts praising negative football.
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SAHRC meets H&M but EFF a no-show
“We made a terrible mistake and we would like South Africans to understand that it will never happen again.”
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Lupita Nyong'o to inspire dark-skinned girls through children's book
Oscar-winning actress Lupita Nyong'o has revealed that she is writing a children's book that she hopes will inspire dark skinned girls to "walk with joy in their own skin".
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130 pupils crammed into bus‚ driver arrested
A PE bus driver was arrested for overloading after he was caught allegedly transporting 130 pupils – 40 more than allowed.
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SA study reveals important link between genes and Aids
HIV/Aids researchers have never understood why people infected with HIV developed Aids at different times‚ but now they suspect that it all has to do with their genes.
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Krugersdorp residents torch homes believed to belong to Nigerians
Three houses believed to belong to Nigerian nationals have been torched in Krugersdorp as community members went on a rampage‚ searching for a woman alleged to have been kidnapped in the area.
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Students slapped by a bully at Umlazi school
A video has emerged showing three pupils being assaulted by a fellow pupil at Qhilika High School in Umlazi‚ south of Durban.
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