KING: African-Americans won't continue to trust nation's broken justice system much longer

KING: African-Americans won't continue to trust nation's broken justice system much longer

KING: African-Americans won't continue to trust nation's broken justice system much longer
Shaun King: It's my honest estimation that we are just a few cases of injustice away from the fragile peace in the black community becoming something altogether different.


Seth Batkins
Seth Batkins 6 months ago

If I were King, I would be more worried about the HS dropout rate, Black on Black murder rate, celebration of gang culture, teen pregnancy, dead beat fathers but King merely piles on the political machine for his own employment and keeping his name in the news cycle.

Jake Ryan
Jake Ryan 6 months ago

Huh? Hopefully everyone watches the video and doesn't rely on Shaun King to give accurate facts. The guy was high on PCP at the time and she had a gun on him and he was refusing to comply instead he was walking back to the vehicle and it is very reasonable to fear that he is going for a weapon to kill the cops. He did not surrender. Again lets be clear he was high on PCP and he walked away from the cop who had a gun pointed at him, ignored all her orders and went to his vehicle and appeared to be getting ready to reach and/or get inside said vehicle. Yet king thinks this cop should be sent to prison for life? What was she supposed to do? Wait to see if he pulls a gun out of the car and shoots one of the cops? I feel like a taser was the most appropriate here but given how close he was to the driver's door its not unreasonable to resort to deadly physical force. They have no idea what this guy is going to do. The guy in NYC yesterday ran down a bunch of people and killed someone because he was high on PCP. Tasers don't always stop people. People on PCP may not feel it and the prongs don't always make connections to be effective.

LeiAziah James
LeiAziah James 6 months ago

The system is working as it was meant to!!! How do you shove the problem? Handle your justice, and handle anyone that gets in your way of that justice!!!
I am not saying "kill" anyone, but sooner or later, someone will go DALLAS or BATON ROUGE

Joe Gagliardi
Joe Gagliardi 6 months ago

Shaun King says he was high. Shaun King says he didn't nothing wrong that day. I'd say the guy was driving under the influence. Doesn't mean he should have been shot. But he definitely shouldn't have been driving.

Allen Heredia
Allen Heredia 6 months ago are far from a journalist. Your a inciteful idiot racist. You want a race war. Guess what, if a race war were to happen you'd be partly responsible. You should be in jail

Steven Barnard
Steven Barnard 6 months ago

Talcum X can only keep his job if he continues to race bait and talk about the very same White Privilege that he used to convince Oprah he was a black.

I can imagine him praying right before he goes online to scourer the web "Please let me find something, anything Lord. People are starting to not believe I'm black."

Donald Peter
Donald Peter 6 months ago

African -Americans? You mean those that hold duel citizenship? Cause Americans that are black are considered Americans. Most black Americans have never even been to Africa.

Arnol Simmons
Arnol Simmons 6 months ago

Maybe the system isn't about justice for African is just a legal system...justice is about is about finding a fall guy

Bill Morrison
Bill Morrison 6 months ago

It`s sort of like saying that non African-Americans won`t continue to trust the nation`s black citizens, who commit more than 50% of America`s violent crimes while constituting 13% of the population.

Robert Mark
Robert Mark 6 months ago

You people can't do anything right. Nobody is afraid of you and your "We Wuz Kangz."

You want to start a war, and you'll go from 13% of the population, to 0%.

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