EU statement contradicts S’pore Govt’s claim that death penalty is “deterrent” to crime

EU statement contradicts S’pore Govt’s claim that death penalty is “deterrent” to crime

EU statement contradicts S’pore Govt’s claim that death penalty is “deterrent” to crime
Singapore hanged Muhammad Ridzuan on Friday morning. The Govt has always claimed that the death penalty deters crime.

But in a statement on Thursday, calling on the S'pore gov to stay its hand in executing Ridzuan, the European Union directly contradicts the Govt's claim that the death sentence deters crime.


حنيف وأنا حتى الخلود
حنيف وأنا حتى الخلود 4 months ago

I hope the EU Delegation to Singapore will also look into Ong Jen's case. A rich grandchild of the fouder of a conglomerate who is acquitted for trafficking charges arrested in possession of the drug - 385.1g of a cannabis mixture and 92.68g of cannabis - between Oct 30 and Oct 31, 2014. Singapore judicial system must be revamped by a higher authority. Otherwise, please AMEND the SINGAPORE PLEDGE, particularly on "regardless of race, language or religion" and strike out "base on justice and equality" and place with "base on wealth and who-your-grandfather-is". Make it more honest.

Mel AG
Mel AG 4 months ago

What about Lo Hsing Han or Law Sit Han the Burmese drug trafficker and became a major Burmese business tycoon, with financial ties to Singapore? Their family’s business empire even reached overseas; the American sanctions included 10 companies in Singapore owned by Cecilia Ng, Law's wife.

Sow Meng Wong
Sow Meng Wong 4 months ago

We should reconsider the death penalty. If the government is unsure if lifting the death penalty will lead to more drug trafficing, maybe suspend it. And should a study revealed that death is the only deterrent, but it must be fair.

Dmien Chw
Dmien Chw 4 months ago

We should thank the EU I guess. They poking those noses in other people's beeswax has given Voice and platform to our death penalty. Thanks EU for publicizing this and I hope it deters others.

Eddie Ng
Eddie Ng 4 months ago

EU uses terms like 'War' , 'Peacekeeping' , 'Conflict Resolution' 'Drug bust gone Wrong' and 'Security Sweeps' ..... its a more humane and faster way of killing bad people

Dudley Sharp
Dudley Sharp 4 months ago

All sanctions deter some. The most powerful criminal sanction is not an exception.

The UE just doesn't want to admit that they want all murderers to live, thereby sacrificing more innocents.

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