A Rally for Colin Kaepernick—and Free Speech

A Rally for Colin Kaepernick—and Free Speech

A Rally for Colin Kaepernick—and Free Speech
In 1967, Muhammad Ali couldn't find work as a boxer. Today, Colin Kaepernick can't find work as a football player.


James Bryant Hussung
James Bryant Hussung 4 months ago

It isn't nearly the same thing. Ali was the greatest boxer surrounded by controversy. Kaepernick is a boarderline low level starting QB surrounded by controversy. Not that the controversy is deserved on either part, but NFL teams don't want to deal with the controversy for someone who isn't that great anyways.

Roy James Stewart
Roy James Stewart 4 months ago

That's a rather awkward analogy. The relative skill levels between Colin and Muhammad are nowhere near similar, and the circumstances nowhere near as dire. Ali was a draft resister, an anti war leader and a paragon of American values. All Kaepernick did was kneel down.

Manuel Berdichevsky
Manuel Berdichevsky 4 months ago

I disliked him as a player, but have found tremendous respect and admiration for him as a person. Funny what the owners will turn a blind eye to and what they will choose to make an example. I hope he rises above the game as Ali did above boxing.

Matt Schwisow
Matt Schwisow 4 months ago

Ali was the greatest of all time. Kaepernick is washed up and chose this point in his career to make his political point. He's not wanted by any team, and it's got nothing to do with his politics.

Eric J Braden
Eric J Braden 4 months ago

Say what? Ali, "Couldn't find work as a boxer"? Oh, boy.

In 1966, two years after winning the heavyweight title, Ali further antagonized the white establishment by refusing to be drafted into the U.S. military, citing his religious beliefs and opposition to American involvement in the Vietnam War.[12][14] He was eventually arrested, found guilty of draft evasion charges, and stripped of his boxing titles. He successfully appealed the decision to the U.S. Supreme Court, which overturned his conviction in 1971, by which time he had not fought for nearly four years and thereby lost a period of peak performance as an athlete. Ali's actions as a conscientious objector to the war made him an icon for the larger counterculture generation.[15][16] Wikipedia.org.

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