Lawyer says sorry for statements

Lawyer says sorry for statements

Lawyer says sorry for statements
In a Facebook post, lawyer Eugene Thuraisingam implied that ministers, judges and lawyers have, because of financial gain, turned a blind eye to what he deemed as "cruel and unjust" death penalty laws.


Georgina Lee
Georgina Lee 6 months ago

Why people still wants to trafficking while they know that they will never have good ending? They because of greed and made this upon themselves. But they do not know, because of their greed, more families being broken apart, more people will die because of the drugs. So, death penalty is still a must in law in order to punish them. As for lawyer Eugene, I feel you as you cannot win these kind of cases. But you should know that you should not fight for people who will harm the society or even your family members.

Alex Hoe
Alex Hoe 6 months ago

I think judges get paid more in the private sector , those who stay behind in our courts do have love or care for the community and want to improve the system .
A CHC lawyer could have made 3-5 times more than a judge .
Especially with social media these days , judges have to emphasise more on how they came up with the decisions so the public could understand their reasonings
This lawyer should have been clear that you need proof before making allegations . He is a disgrace to his profession with the current facts at hand as it appears ...

Jason Chua Chin Seng
Jason Chua Chin Seng 6 months ago

Too much sympathy for the drug traffickers. Not enough sympathy for the victims & families they destroyed. #stupid. Human Rights is for the victims of crimes, not the criminals.

John NG
John NG 6 months ago

This Lawyer should face the High Court of three judges and be strike from the Bar and imprison.
Wah paid by HIS FOREIGN MASTERS to create problems!!!!!!

Johanes Pkmi
Johanes Pkmi 6 months ago

I think most of the traffickers are just SMALL pawns in the supply chain...all the leaders SHOULD get compulsory death penalty...but who are catching these top.guys with load of.monies???

Kuppusamy Chinnappa
Kuppusamy Chinnappa 6 months ago

This man had priorities all wrong. At the tail end of drug activities are the addicts. Has any of the so called advocates of harsh drug laws came across how the family of the addicts suffer? The addict's Wife, children and the others. SANA had the facts and figures about them. A very sorry tale. Anyone bothered about them? Take a look for yourself. Know the truth.

Jannie Chan
Jannie Chan 6 months ago

Eugene Thuraisingam
You are able to showcase how you really felt
Norma Sit Margaret Thomas
We fight for what we believe in

This MISHAP has got you the ability to show
ESSENCE of you emotional distress

Jannie Chan
Jannie Chan 6 months ago

FB posts
Is it to Public or friends??
Eugene Thuraisingam
We knew you were very disappointed n was emotional after the sentence
You fought so hard not to allow a 32 years old b excecuted
It was cruel n unjust n many of us shared the same sentiments
Certainly the implication of
Mins judges n Lawyers
BECAUSE THEY have a financial gain .. turned a blind eye to what you deemed as CRUEL N UNJUST DEATH PENALTY LAWS
I did not get the same sense of your frustrations n emotional Distress

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