Radiohead were greeted with shouts of 'free Palestine' during their Glastonbury set

Radiohead were greeted with shouts of 'free Palestine' during their Glastonbury set

Radiohead were greeted with shouts of 'free Palestine' during their Glastonbury set
The shouts were 'disrespectful', 'patronising' and 'upsetting'... says frontman of band that disrespected, patronised and upset the entire Palestinian people by ignoring their call to boycott apartheid Israel by playing there.


Matthew J Burgess
Matthew J Burgess 5 months ago

"upset the entire Palestinian people" err no, Occupy, not every Palestinian has lost their ability to think for themselves. Disappointed to see such a narrow minded post from you.

Calum Thomson
Calum Thomson 5 months ago

They played Israel? Well that's their credibility down the toilet. He's just going to sound 'whiny' from now on. 'Sad's' off the menu. Go on finish the job, sell your music for an advert and fuck off to your mansion.

Matthew J Burgess
Matthew J Burgess 5 months ago

There are many Palestinians who despise the hate-filled bullshit they are programmed with from birth yet are helpless to do anything about it. They are sick of the conflict, which now has baying hordes around the Earth jeering it on in their anti-Semitic frenzy, unwitting pawns of the priests of the Abyss. The Israeli boycott did not start in Palestine!

Jim Charna
Jim Charna 5 months ago

I love you Radiohead, but if someone bombs your gig there don't blame Roger Waters... he told you in a very nice way not to play there....

Tariq Ahmed
Tariq Ahmed 5 months ago

Well done to this crowd. First they chant for JK and now this. You stand in solidarity with the oppressed and against oppression. Thank you all

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