Horrific videos aren't solving police shootings, but better training might

Horrific videos aren't solving police shootings, but better training might

Horrific videos aren't solving police shootings, but better training might
Despite damning videos, officers are rarely held accountable for what looks like criminal use of lethal force.

via Los Angeles Times Opinion


David Hastedt
David Hastedt 3 months ago

Despite being called out thousands of times for their liberal bias, the LA Times is rarely held accountable for the drivel they call journalism. So, I guess we're even.

John Pace
John Pace 3 months ago

But the prevalent training today still emphasizes the "warrior" model of policing. They're out to get you! Get them before they can get you!

Deescalation is a 4-letter word.

If only LEOs were required to spend two hours studying and practicing deescalation for every hour at the range . . .

Michael Atherton
Michael Atherton 3 months ago

I think there's now a terrible bias to shoot in situations in which officers lives are not explicitly in danger and there are reasonable alternatives. This take-no-prisoners approach is not appropriate for our country.

Lee Prew
Lee Prew 3 months ago

Better training? Don't you mean an overhaul of the deeply flawed and biased justice system, which views victims as guilty until proven innocent and trigger-happy cops as the vulnerable victims?

Robert Rex Jackson
Robert Rex Jackson 3 months ago

Disarming the police would help. England did it in 1829 in the wake of the Peterloo Massacre souring public opinion of law enforcement. It's worked extremely well there for nearly 200 years. It's long past time we followed suit.

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