Seems the Liberals are considering a stupid Dutton idea for a voluntary POSTAL vote on marriage equality. Hopeless! Just vote in parliament already, you fools. DO YOUR JOB.


Adrian Vanderwolf
Adrian Vanderwolf 4 months ago

This idea is not going to get this legislation done it could be done very easily by a vote in parliament with total bipartisan support this government if it wants to try and win the next election will need a very big change of policy direction but as we all know turncoat has walked away from his ideology so the gg needs to step up to the plate and sack the government and call a new election

Heather Ring
Heather Ring 4 months ago

What a joke - TURNBULL has stupid ideas only so he can save face - dont be an idiot all that is needed a parlimentary vote - man up and do the right thing -

Shirley Colless
Shirley Colless 4 months ago

Sounds as though he is in league with the over-paid head honcho of Australia Post to boost its revenue - at $1 a pop for each vote.

Martyn Walker
Martyn Walker 4 months ago

Depressing , isn't. I doubt they would even know if their arses were 'on fire' . They are such an inept Government. Divided and aimless. So sad for Australia.

Sands Ellis
Sands Ellis 4 months ago

Potatoes have had much better ideas. Why can't these clowns realise that it is inevitable. They can waste money on this or a plebecite, take money from pensioners, but can't take a vote on this issue of equality. Well why not a plebiscite on going to engage our troops in crazy American wars?

Gregory Clark
Gregory Clark 4 months ago

Just vote in Parliament you fools. It was good enough to decide under Howard that marriage was between a man and woman so why not equality in marriage?

Bradley West
Bradley West 4 months ago

The problem with the plebiscite is that parliamentary members are not bound by the result. The plebiscite is a waste of money. Just have a parliamentary vote or a general public vote where the result is binding.

Nathan Callahan
Nathan Callahan 4 months ago

This is far smarter than I'd credit Dutton with, and just as evil. A postal vote will appeal to the Luddites, and an optional poll will always get the strongly held opinions. So this is by far the most likely way to get the result he wants, as most people don't really care all that much, but also don't think that denying gay folk the ability to marry the person they love makes any sense. If they are forced to express an opinion, they come down on the side of equality; but may not be bothered to vote otherwise.

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