The new Doctor Who will be revealed on Sunday

The new Doctor Who will be revealed on Sunday

The new Doctor Who will be revealed on Sunday
To be unveiled live on BBC One... after the Wimbledon Men's Final.


Russell Finch
Russell Finch 5 months ago

Guess the BBC didn't think they could keep it a secret till Christmas, bloody shame tbh - would've been properly exciting and a major ratings pull. I had heard they weren't starting to film the new series till January so, in theory, it could've worked.

Marc Brown
Marc Brown 5 months ago

Apparently it's an unknown actor in Andover called Mike Haynes. A good friend of our family. Been on stage with Richard O'Brien and Glynis Barber. He was in Cardiff on Mondays.

KZ Trïxx
KZ Trïxx 5 months ago

Well, I hope it will be someone like this young dude here for example! 'Cause every new replacement SHOULD be 10 years younger, NOT 10 years older! Sorry everyone, but Peter Capaldi is a gr8 actor, I really like him, love the Scottish accent tbh but just awkward for the age though in Doctor Who! I reckon a 21 year old guy would be perfect! Does anyone agree with me? :)

Simone Jenkins
Simone Jenkins 5 months ago

The only way they could keep it a surprise is by waiting till 2018 to start filming the new series! I would much rather have a series asap rather than waiting forever just so the next doctor can be a 'surprise'.

Julie Rampke
Julie Rampke 5 months ago

No, no, no... WHY CAN'T BBC KEEP IT SECRET UNTIL THE CHRISTMAS SPECIAL??? Other shows manage to keep casting secrets, why can't the BBC even *try*? 😥

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