World Vision slams Christopher Pyne's weapons export plan

World Vision slams Christopher Pyne's weapons export plan

World Vision slams Christopher Pyne's weapons export plan
Pyne's plan would see Australia "exporting death" and "profiting from bloodshed".


Allan Phelps
Allan Phelps 4 months ago

Finally some one with a longstanding history of comonnsense and compassion, something which would be completely alien to C. Pyne. Tim Costello said years ago that we would be ashamed of our treatment of refugees especially the Manus and Nauru facilities. He was right then and he's right now.

Trevor Scrimshaw
Trevor Scrimshaw 4 months ago

Pyne is really out of touch with community ideas. Both him and his party of know nothings deserve to go down with a great thump next election along with QLD Lib/Nat's who are so out of touch with people they are actually planning a new coal fired power station for North Queensland!
Bah Humbugs they're devoid of original ideas! 🤔

Anita Lorenz
Anita Lorenz 4 months ago

Can we not set some sort of an example here... no trafficking in weapons, no nuclear armament, no interference in the affairs of other nations??? Might go some way to restoring the reputation of this country, which has been progressively trashed by the LNP and its policies.

Anne Finnane
Anne Finnane 4 months ago

Thank you Tim Costello! Greed, cruelty, abuse of human beings are all part of the weapons industry which has created mayhem in the world - and the LNP are to be condemned for their blatant desire for further greed promoting this awful idea!

Merv Quinn
Merv Quinn 4 months ago

Was kwistoffa ever in the armed forces? Or is it just small person syndrome wanting to cause some pain in a third world country so he can pretend to be a man without putting himself at risk. The Liberal ethic.

Dom Antonio Fammartino
Dom Antonio Fammartino 4 months ago


Australia are providing arms to Saudi Arabia who in turn are sowing terrorism and backing al-Qaeda/ISIS/ISIL inspired guerrillas throughout the crisis-hit Syria and Middle East slaughtering countless of innocent people including children. The Saudi's are bombing hospitals, schools, agricultural areas, the port, bridges, power infrastructure, water infrastructure, attempting to starve an entire country into submission. They aren’t just providing military support for human rights abusers; they are sending strong political support too.”

SAUDI ARABIA a country that beheads people for “crimes” such as atheism, apostasy, blasphemy, idolatry, sodomy, and sorcery, as well as condemning millions of women to a miserable existence as subservient slaves, is lecturing the world on human rights. The UN have no bounds as the Saudis have been elected to a body charged with advancing the rights of women. How could a country like this Have a Place On United Nations Women’s Commission its beyond any logic what so ever.

Saudis authorities have arrested, prosecuted and imprisoned human rights defenders and government critics, often after unfair trials; torture and other ill-treatment of detainees remained common; women faced discrimination in law and in practice and were inadequately protected against sexual and other violence; and have the worst record in the world when it comes to religious freedom and women’s rights,"

What the majority cannot understand is despite all the bloodshed, war and terrible human rights abuse's where are the so-called feminists and the AHRC HUMAN RIGHTS COMMISSIONER GILLIAN TRIGGS or JULIE BISHOP? Why aren't they protesting from the roof tops and jumping up and down? Sadly, not many Western feminists are too interested in the gender apartheid that exists in the Muslim world and the plight of Saudi women or the blood shed in YEMEN this isn’t considered a priority for activists who’d rather be campaigning against gendered toys and pronouns.


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