Minneapolis Cop Shoots and Kills Australian Woman Through Door of His Car

Minneapolis Cop Shoots and Kills Australian Woman Through Door of His Car

Minneapolis Cop Shoots and Kills Australian Woman Through Door of His Car
Totally outrageous.


Jin Zee
Jin Zee 4 months ago

Now, if supposedly trained police officers, many of whom ARE military veterans, make mistakes and kill innocent people at such a high frequency (let's put racism and other factors aside for a moment), what do you think can go wrong with "good guys with guns" everywhere?

Mira Bruzas
Mira Bruzas 4 months ago

Maybe every police officer should go through the type of boot camp you get in the military. Trained with situational awareness, de-escalation, remaining calm under extreme pressure. I mean, they just simply do not go through enough training to be given the use of lethal force as it is.

Douglas Mead
Douglas Mead 4 months ago

I would say that it would probably take a white woman getting killed to make significant changes in law enforcement, but I think we all know this isn't the case. I simply don't see things changing no matter how many of us get killed off. Cop unions are too powerful and politicians are too afraid of seeming soft on crime and anti-cop.

Paul Fournier
Paul Fournier 4 months ago

More proof you just shouldn't call the cops for any reason. They'll just roll up guns blazing, probably shoot your dog, and maybe kill you in the process. Seems like it would be safer to just handle your own protection and self-defense. Sad...

Tige Ferguson
Tige Ferguson 4 months ago

I'm curious how the thin blue gang will defend this one. She called them for help and they shot her. It's well past time to start re training.

Abram Blocton
Abram Blocton 4 months ago

No need to troll either way, this is a tragedy. Policy I think we should all be equal under the law, and Police should be tried like every other individual.

Glenn Archer
Glenn Archer 4 months ago

A tragedy for sure and possibly a criminal action on the part of the shooter cop. But we have only the most rudimentary facts as yet. It seems a little early to jump to any conclusions. The article talked about training, employment standards, hiring ex-cops with bad records but doesn't tie any of that in with the cop who pulled the trigger. Maybe find out about the cop's history and then write something? Everyone assumes the cop will not be charged criminally or not face any kind of discipline. A little early for that too. The investigation just started. Maybe better to wait for some facts to come out and then write an opinion piece so that it can actually be based on something tangible rather than assumptions. Maybe the cop is a POS who never should have been allowed a badge and gun. Maybe not. Just not enough to go on yet to know.

Mark Duer
Mark Duer 4 months ago

This is outrageous on so many levels. Any non-LEO would be sitting behind bars awaiting a sure conviction for murder or manslaughter, with their name plastered on every front page. This cop gets paid leave, identity protection, and an internal affairs review. She called them for help and they murdered her. Unbelievable.

Matt Em
Matt Em 4 months ago

This is just madness at this point. What a fucking coward.
And half the country in completely blind to any sort of problem--and will continue to make any excuse they can to forgive any police officer ever of any wrong doing--as if they're infallible human beings. A woman on a thread I witnessed earlier actually said the words "you don't know the whole story...police don't shoot for no reason" It's like a daily mindfuck.
Yet again, an innocent person is dead, and all half the country can do is try to justify it. Completely fucking sickening
(Unless a story comes out that proves otherwise...) How bout instead of making excuses, try to accept that maybe this particular cop was inept, unqualified, and flat out wrong in what he did--and deserves to be fired and not reap any LEO benefits.
And that anyone who tries to cover up any wrong doing is equally shameful/guilty.
Because it's a difficult and dangerous job (which I readily acknowledge it is) that doesn't excuse the rights violations or KILLING of INNOCENT people
I mean, Jesus tap dancing Christ, I can't believe this has to be said :/

Christopher Branski
Christopher Branski 4 months ago

The Minneapolis PD will no doubt expect gratitude from the rest of us for keeping us safe from Australian yoga instructors. There will no doubt be a police union hack defending this

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