Minneapolis Woman Shot by Police After Reportedly Calling 911

Minneapolis Woman Shot by Police After Reportedly Calling 911

Minneapolis Woman Shot by Police After Reportedly Calling 911
Neither of the officers had their body cameras turned on.


Ryan Mills
Ryan Mills 7 months ago

Cops killed a white woman from Australia.. this will definitely be an international incident. And I bet the cops will go to jail. Now if she was a few shades darker it'd be a different story and people would be calling her a thug.

Heather Cheshire
Heather Cheshire 7 months ago

I recently heard a discussion where a podcaster was discussing this issue (I'm thinking it was Undisclosed, but it also could have been the Red Couch podcast. My memory is fuzzy.) The advocate said that unfortunately, America won't address police brutality until white people are being killed. Maybe this will be a catalyst.

The police provide an essential service to our country. They shouldn't be threatened that the tax payers ask them to implement research based practice, training, and culture. This is the norm of every other profession. My field has changed dramatically in the last 30 years. It is my responsibility to adapt my practice to what is proven to be most effective.

We wouldn't want a surgeon who refused to take our appendix out laparoscopically just because that's not how it's always been. Know better, do better.

Stefanie Culver
Stefanie Culver 7 months ago

Just because your white and shot by a cop doesn't mean there will be justice. My uncle was shot 12 time 10 feet away by crooked cops with a lot of witnesses including his wife a d son and there was no media nor justice for him. And on top of that his wife killed herself two weeks later.
Oh and the cops didn't have body cameras on but my uncle had surveillance cameras around his home and they took the video and it disappeared.

Tim Maniaci
Tim Maniaci 7 months ago

She is a white lady.. cop will be found guilty & sent to jail for life. If she were a back lady.. cop would be found not guilty and gotten a raise... True Story

Mark Pennell
Mark Pennell 7 months ago

The moral of this and so many other stories like it is, Never call the police unless whatever has happened is serious enough to risk someone getting killed, including yourself. That's not sarcasm but just a logical conclusion based on evidence available regarding the current state of US policing.

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