Bride-to-be fatally shot by Minneapolis police officer after calling 911

Bride-to-be fatally shot by Minneapolis police officer after calling 911

Bride-to-be fatally shot by Minneapolis police officer after calling 911
Details about what led a Minneapolis police officer to fatally shoot an Australian woman over the weekend remain unclear.


JL Dubya
JL Dubya 7 months ago

How can the police not have any explanation for *killing someone* almost 24 hours after the fact? Also, turn on your body cameras! Police in many other nations kill 0 people a year, while American police kill over 100 *a month*. We have a serious problem.

Toni Thomley
Toni Thomley 7 months ago

There should be a law that is body cameras have to be on when they respond to any call and if it isn't anything the officer says should be thrown out.

John Schlater
John Schlater 7 months ago

Let me summarize how this will go. Officer will get a long term taxpayer funded vacation. Officer will be cleared of ALL wrong doing. Officer will be reinstated. Officer will come back to a pay raise and a promotion. Job well done. Back slapping all around. City will pay a huge settlement.. while never admitting to any wrong doing.The End.

Dawn Reed-Slaten
Dawn Reed-Slaten 7 months ago

We need to shift the presumptions in cases where the police have working body cameras and yet they aren't turned on. There needs to be a real consequence for this failing. And they need to prove that their actions weren't bad acts if that camera is off. And we need to renegotiate police union contracts. Period.

Tiffany NitaMarie
Tiffany NitaMarie 7 months ago

We need all the details first. Play stupid games get stupid prizes.

Was she here legally? Has her past criminal records for both Australia and, the U.S. been investigated ??

Tony Gill
Tony Gill 7 months ago

Give that cop a paid vacation and find him not guilty because he was clearly in fear for his life and let's move on to the next cop that kills a civilian

Nathan Marshall
Nathan Marshall 7 months ago

It's sad that she was murdered for no reason. However, we know she won't be presumed guilty of anything, and justice will likely work in her favor (as it should).

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