Lawyer Eugene Thuraisingam fined S$6,000 for contempt of court over Facebook post

Lawyer Eugene Thuraisingam fined S$6,000 for contempt of court over Facebook post

Lawyer Eugene Thuraisingam fined S$6,000 for contempt of court over Facebook post
Eugene Thuraisingam said he was “extremely upset” on the eve of his client’s execution for drug trafficking, and was “demoralised" that there was nothing further he could do for him.


Mark Dietrich
Mark Dietrich 4 months ago

The singapore government says it welcomes criticism and that there is freedom of speech but that's a lie. Your cake of freedom is sweetened with lies. Thanks for the thoroughly one sided article. We all know who is paying your rent.

Jeffery Anthony
Jeffery Anthony 4 months ago

Always they use "integrity of the judiciary"...what is wrong in not being happy with the courts or laws we have. Do u know we have stupid laws still in place in the law books that are obsolete but remains in this modern day and age. That's the problem when u have people sitting in places of power like this...they want to control everything & everybody and will never admit there needs to be a change...when ur sitting pretty, why would u?

Rashid Hamid
Rashid Hamid 4 months ago

I noticed slowly lawyers here are beginning to stand up and expressing disappointments and displeasures over the law in this country and how our judicial decisions here were arrived at in conclusion to guilt. It raises concerns and fear that one day all lawyers will walk out of the door and our justice system crumbles to the ground.i cant imagine that one day it will happen.

Danny Teo Boon Hwee
Danny Teo Boon Hwee 4 months ago

If you know where is something very wrong in law n someone had pointed out, why don't review it first before act? Or just cos it is a law made by someone who can't be offended?

Sakthi Alderweireld
Sakthi Alderweireld 4 months ago

Eugene, we all know you have done your best. But unfortunately, many out there are just too greedy and self centered. One day, that same greed will bring them down.

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