Guam Governor Says Trump Told Him North Korea Threats Will Increase Tourism

Guam Governor Says Trump Told Him North Korea Threats Will Increase Tourism

Guam Governor Says Trump Told Him North Korea Threats Will Increase Tourism
“Your tourism — you're going to go up, like, tenfold with the expenditure of no money," President Donald J. Trump is heard saying in a recording posted by Guam's governor.


Kevin Ransom
Kevin Ransom 2 months ago

Would you say that most right wingers are ignorant brainwashed simpletons who've had their brains turned by mush by 30 yrs of Fox Filth and Hate Radio? Or do you think more of them know better, and are snarling, vicious, black-hearted sociopaths and despicable filthy liars? Discuss.

JuanCarlo Jackson
JuanCarlo Jackson 2 months ago

This is all one bad dream, I will wake up soon...This is all one bad dream, I will wake up soon...This is all one bad dream, I will wake up soon...This is all one bad dream, I will wake up soon...

Gary Borgnis
Gary Borgnis 2 months ago

Donald Trump is trying to govern our country the same way he ran his business. As sole proprietor and as president he thinks congress and our military are his employees while his job and theirs is to work for the American people. Donald Trump has always bullied, blustered and bragged his way through life and in business to get what he wants. With a sense of privilege and no accountability his narcissism has determined his every decision. This is who he is and will always be.

In doing so he has never been able to gain the admiration, respect and love his ego craves. Because of his narcissism he doesn't think he has to earn these things, he believes he deserves them. When he doesn't receive those accolades he feels threatened.

When feeling threatened like he does now by the on going investigation that will expose him for the fraud he is, he will use every and any deflection, distraction, lie and delusion to impede the investigation. This includes starting a war that would sacrifice our country and everyone in it to protect himself. He will do this feeling completely justified and without remorse.

America has been hijacked and is in control of a very sick man. The American people must demand that our representatives, legislatures and this Republican congress DO THEIR JOB in removing this aberration and all those associated with him from office to protect and preserve our Constitution, our environment, our human rights and our democracy. Let's get this done. ~ Gary Borgnis, (Feel free to copy and paste this post.) #ChooseTruthOverTrump

William Rodriguez
William Rodriguez 2 months ago

Probably half of y'all didn't even know Guam was an United States territory who citizens are natural born Americans. They can join the military, but can't vote for their Commander In Chief.

Brian O'Connell
Brian O'Connell 2 months ago

He's right. 90% of Americans probably couldn't have pointed to Guam on a map a week ago. Now millions and millions are getting online to look it up and they are seeing that it is a beautiful tropical island. I know the NYT is trying to fear monger here, but Guam is not getting nuked by N Korea. So when the next "crisis" of the day comes along and everyone crawls out of their basements you'll see tourism go way up! Guam is already a big tourist destination for Japanese and Koreans... anyone in the military who has passed through will tell you it is beautiful!

Christina Myers-Andrada
Christina Myers-Andrada 2 months ago

No one I know goes to Guam to vacation. Unless you are military or have family there, this is not a vacation destination. Trump is an idiot and his loyal band of uneducatuated should all be booking tickets to Guam.

Thomas Lang
Thomas Lang 2 months ago

You people are so stupid this is just fabricated fear. Nothing is going to hapoen. President Trump has a brain and is one smart guy. He wouldn't be President if he was not smart enough to figure out how to win it. So I'm sure President Trump is smart enough to deal with a crazy nitwit. Think of all the crazy people that made threats and acted crazy when they lost millions of dollars to Trump in his Business dealings. Same principles are applied in life to stupid crazy nitwit. Stop the madness with your opinions and adding fear to the situation.

Abigail Armstrong
Abigail Armstrong 2 months ago

Listen to the entire call...this is a gross misinterpretation of what was said and why. Gov was told that the US is 100% behind Guam in support.

Brian Fitzgerald
Brian Fitzgerald 2 months ago

How? How in the world can Republicans keep supporting him? Clearly he is mentally deficient and should be under a doctor's care to the point of being hospitalized.

Frank Hoffman
Frank Hoffman 2 months ago

That's all that matters to Trump, isn't it? Branding. Revenues. Sure, look what 9/11 did for New York, right? What a shmuck he is.

At this point, I assume Trump WANTS an attack on US soil. Something to distract from all the investigations and scandals closing in on him. Perhaps he thinks it will have the same effect on his presidency that the last major attack had (temporarily) on the previous worst-president-ever Republican who lost the popular vote.

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